Thursday, July 22, 2010

First Appt in SA : Ceramic Braces - Lower Teeth

I am probably one of the longest braces-wearing patient in the country.

I started my braces in July 2008 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Less than a month after they put the braces on (and that means pulling out 3 healthy teeth of mine), I've been told to work in South Africa for half a year.
The orthodontist would not allow me to take off my braces in fear that the teeth might move and fill up the spaces (the extra spaces I have after the teeth extraction). After half a year in SA, my contract extended for another half year.
Please bear in mind that the whole time while I was in SA, my teeth is still with braces, but no progress has been made - no orthodontist / dentist visits.

I finally made a permanent move to SA in November 2009. I stopped the contract with my Malaysian Orthondontist, and started to look for an Orthodontist in SA.
I first started trying the government Orthodontist (hoping for a much cheaper price) but have been told that  they do not accept patients that already have braces on - they only accept new patients. Until now, I do not quite understand why, maybe the trainee that is on training in government hospitals need to start from the beginning or something? They did say something about legal issues, etc. But whatever it is, my application was declined.

Finally after my medical aid in SA has been approved, I made my first appointment with Dr.Combrink in Stellenbosch. He did a check up of my teeth, but again another bad news.
He cannot proceed straight away because of the condition of my gums. Because of the long duration that the braces has been on my teeth without any progress (19 months at that time), the gums was red and swelling badly. In other words, I have started to get gingivitis.

Gingivitis is a word I am very familiar with when i buy mouth rinse, toothpastes. But I never thought I will GET gingivitis. I do not feel any pain or discomfort. The Orthodontist says that I must start going to the Oral Hygienist to sort it out before he will proceed. After numerous visits to the OH, at last after 24 months (2 whole years, shit!), the Ortho gave the GREEN LIGHT. *ching ching*

On the 19th of July 2010, my lower teeth is fitted with braces.
Oh ya, the Ortho wanted to fit with the conventional silver braces, but I said I prefer the ceramic ones. So he said he will put ceramic ones in front, silver ones behind. Okay, contented.

 *WARNING! Disgusting image below*

Okay, I guess it's too late :)

Next appointment, 2 weeks later for the upper teeth.

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  1. Well I still prefer the metal braces becoz it make you look cuter than before :D , you can visit this dental care blog too , just my 2 cent .