Saturday, July 31, 2010

Lump on Tail


I noticed a lump the size of a pea on Rainbow's tail after her spaying surgery in April (3 months ago). The vet then said it was just a cyst and poked to let the blood / pus out.
However, the lump never really healed and has always been there.

Lump on Tail
Last week, I decided to get rid of the lump because well, it scares me to always wonder if it's cancerous or not. I took her to the vet near us at Country Animal Clinic in Somerset West. The vet did the same thing, poked it and tried to get as much out as possible. She then gave me an antiseptic cream to apply on the lump, and asked me to bring Rainbow again if the lump is still there.

Forward 5 days later, lump still there although a bit smaller after a bit of blood was pressed out. I knew that if I were to take Rainbow back to the vet, she would recommend surgery to take the lump out. I obviously did some Googling about lumps on tails, etc.

I found out that :
  1. Lumps on tails are not common.
  2. If it is on a tail, it would be hard for  surgery because there is not enough skin to stitch it back together
  3. Cancerous lumps are normally hard.
  4. It is very difficult to know if a lump is cancerous or not by just looking. If tested first one is benign, a second one with the exact size and feel might be cancerous.
I first contemplated on taking Rainbow to Acuvet, a veterinary that practises Homeopathy. However, the Vet that was recommended by many Dr. Barry Hindmarch was on long leave recovering from a cycling accident.

I then took Rainbow to Panorama Veterinary Clinic, which was a bit of a drive for 45 minutes. Reason being it being a very well equipped clinic, and if should there be any surgery necessary, I know they have the tools and machines that are more advanced and complete. Also, I made sure that I made the appointment with Dr.Prins, who is the head of General Practice in the clinic (He did the spaying surgery on Rainbow perfectly, no scar after a month!)

Panorama Veterinary Clinic

During the consultation, the first thing Dr.Prins said was that the tail would not be a good place to remove a lump on because there was not enough skin to close it (Like what I Googled! I wonder why the first vet that I went to recommended a surgery to remove the lump). Dr.Prins recommended to let Rainbow into surgery, not to remove the whole lump but to take a sample out for the lab to test. He said he will not risk cutting the whole lump out, but he will  try to take out as much as possible. I did not like the idea of having Rainbow to go through General Anesthesia and asked to have it done locally instead. The doctor agreed to put local anesthesia on the tail, but he said he will have to still put a light sedation on Rainbow as the tail is a very sensitive area.

Next - the decision whether or not to let her go through the surgery?
After a long thought, I decided my first step is to find out if the lump is cancerous or not. Even if Rainbow were to be consulted at Acuvet, they will still need to refer her back to a conventional vet to do a biopsy. Then only they can start treatment. 
I am completely comfortable with Dr.Prins because I am very clear to him that I would like as little "drugs" on Rainbow as possible, and also prefer homeopathy ways to heal her body.

Day of surgery : 28 July 2010

Dropped her off at 9.00am, reminded the Doctor for as little sedation as possible *paranoid*
Picked her up at 3.00pm, greeted by a lively dog (unlike from her spaying surgery).
Will know the results 5 days later.

After surgery in the car, with her "hospital tag"
Part of the tail was shaved for the sample to be taken
Rainbow Tan
Guess what is Rainbow's full name?

Min / Yin - What are you thinking?
Stitch Apple Rainbow Lai Bow Bow Hou Ek Ek


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