Saturday, July 17, 2010

Nobbly Wobbly Ball

Bought a Nobbly Wobbly Ball as a birthday present for Rainbow.
It is made of extra-tough rubber, interlaced to form heavy ball.

We have had our bit of "experiencing" before we found the Perfect Ball for Rainbow.

When we play with her with her football-sized ball, she becomes frustrated because the more she tries to hold it, the further the ball moves away from her because her mouth cannot fit over the whole ball.
We also tried to buy the small ball, just big enough for her to hold it in the mouth. Unfortunately because Rainbow's eyesight is not very good (which I will explain more about in later post), she always cannot find the small ball after I throw for her to retrieve.

The Nobbly Wobbly is just perfect with the rainbow colours to make it more noticeable,  rolls and bounces, and Rainbow can easily fit her teeth between the rubber to hold it.

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