Friday, July 30, 2010

Pure Pleasure

Nothing compares to getting in a warm bed.
We got ourselves a Pure Pleasure Electric Blanket (fitted under-blankets).

Standard Double Pure Pleasure Electric Blanket

What's cool about the under-blankets is that it has dual heat-switches for each side, each working independently. Meaning if you can choose how warm you want your bed to be, while your partner can also choose for himself / herself their preference. It is also made of a washable non-allergenic polyester fabric.

The blanket is fitted under the bed sheet and it also double up as a protective cover for the mattress.
There are 3 heat settings to choose from : 1, 2 and Preheat (the warmest).

Heat settings

I normally leave it on Preheat settings before I run my bath. Of course, I put the duvet blanket over the bed to keep the warmth in. After around 30-45 minutes, the bed is ready... 'Ngam ngam ho'  after finishing my bath!

Two things that usually come to a person's mind before getting an electric blanket is Price and Safety. Me too :)

Price : With this brand, it is economical, costing less than a 60 watt light bulb to run.
Safety : It has a safeguard protection against overheating.

Overall, I am very happy with the product. Not sure how the brand compared to others as this is only my first electric blanket.

Ah, I'm gonna go snuggle in the warm bed now. Pure Pleasure :)

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