Monday, July 19, 2010

Rainbow's Birthday Outing

Weather has been cold and windy for the past week that I never got the chance to take Rainbow to the beach.
I can see she wants to get out because she always runs out from the front door to the small gate, waiting for me to open it. However, I try not to walk on the streets with her because the street is narrow and we had a close encounter with a car driving fast in the streets.

So yesterday (18 July), seeing as it is Rainbow's birthday and weather is sunny, we decided to bring her to the place she loves.  The beach at Gordon's Bay! (Mum / Dad / Min - if you can remember, this is where the big bookstore is)
For the first time in many weeks, I can actually wear a 3/4 pants instead of long pants/jeans in the 22 deg C warmy Sunday.

 Rainbow looking shy after her pee pee on the sandy beach

Carefully walking on the pebbly sand

Okay, Rainbow is actually very small compared to the large space she has to explore!

With happy Mummy!

Rainbow started slow, walking around, carefully exploring. She has not been to Gordon's Bay Beach before, I always took her to the beach in Strand. The sand here is more pebbly, the landscape more unpredictable and little mountains of sand dunes.
Not long after Rainbow got her momentum, she started "jogging" and climbing up the dunes!

Rainbow picking up her pace

Catch me if you can!

We came to the more "challenging" part of the beach, where Rainbow has to practice her climbing skills.

Caught in the act

Rainbow went up to this very high hill which has a too steep slope

Mummy coaxing her away from the danger spot


Don't worry, I do not over-protect her. I do let her build her confidence, going through branches and holes and finding her steps. But I also keep in mind that she is around 80% blind (according to the vet) and only see shadows. Because of that, she is obviously a very careful dog and needs time to feel comfortable. I am also glad these minor "obstacles" in the beach also helps to build up her confidence.

  Rainbow enjoying the dunes

Loving the beach

We left the beach later and had Chicken Cordon Bleu while Rainbow sits with us, watching the people on bikes whizzing by. We then drove to nice stop to catch the sunset.

Sunset view from Gordon's Bay

This is definitely a wonderful day with wonderful weather to complement.

Rainbow at the backseat, exhausted but contented.


  1. i didnt know rainbow is 80% blind wan wor. when u found out?

  2. Her eye problems we already know around 2 years... but the extend of her blindness I only know when i got to SA. The amazing thing is she is handling it very well except she is very cautious

  3. yes i remember gordon bay.
    i didnt know rainbow is 80% blind too.