Saturday, August 14, 2010

Are you sure you have oily skin?

I have always categorized myself under Oily Skin.
This is due to the fact that my skin is prone to breakout, blackheads and enlarged pores.
Since my teenage years, I have been using products that are meant for oily skin and as most of the product tries to get rid of pimples, it usually leaves my skin red as I also have sensitive skin.
(My whole face swells up if I use Oxy)
At that time, i thought, Shit... I cannot even use products to control my pimples because they are usually too strong for my skin, and if I use a mild product it will not help my skin !

However, have you ever thought that your skin might not be oily, but instead dehydrated?
One of the symptoms of Dehydrated skin is having oily skin.
Many times, the reason for oily skin  is not the oily food but lack of water in the body. Oily skin is one of the major dehydrated skin symptoms. When you deprive your skin of water and adequate moisture, the cells in the body secrete oil to keep the skin hydrated. Oily skin also occurs when hormonal imbalance is caused due to dehydration. So if you too have oily skin, you need to monitor and increase your water intake.

I now categorize myself as having Dehydrated Skin. This is because after using products meant for dehydrated skin, I see improvements as compared to when I use products meant for oily skin. And i definitely know that I can use some extra water intake!

As in my previous post, my skin has become better now after using Dr.Gowoonsesang's Brightening Balm instead of normal foundations. There is actually another side product which I use (not everyday) but every now and then at night.
It is Dr.Gowoonsesang's Water Holding Essence

Dr.Gowoonsesang's Water Holding Essence

I actually accidentally bought this product. I got it because there was a package deal of Dr.G Brightening Balm with this at Sasa. I am glad I found this.

Review of Dr.Gowoonsesang's Water Holding Essence

Inner and Outer Care System using Triclosan and Tea Tree Oil ingredients.

Gowoonsesang applied special skin care system using 2 different ingredients, Hydrophilic and lipophilic ingredients. It focused inner and outer in human skin. For inner care, it restructures  using Hydrophilic ingredient while for outer care it repairs using lipophilic ingredient.

  • Tea Tree Oil: Reduce inflammation, balance oil secretion
  • Triclosan: Anti-bacteria, prevent acen formation
  • Vitis Vinifera Extract: Moisturize skin
  • Bisabolol: Reduce inflammation and irritation
  • Hyaluronic Acid: Excellent moisturizing effect
  • Glycerin: Soften and moisturize skin

It is very light and glides easily on the skin.
I have never liked applying moisturizer in the evenings because they feel heavy and makes my skin feel oily - even if I buy the light ones.
This hydrating essence is different, makes my skin feels more..... supple.

My skin feels feels smoother, more healthy and less dull (To the extend that I noticed the difference)

As there is only very little in the bottle, I use it very carefully. Applying it 3-4 times a week.

Value for Money
Price is RM99. It is expensive for a small bottle of 30ml, however it is really as good as it claims to be. I would say buy once to see if it really helps your skin (so you know whether your skin is really dehydrated or not), and later on try some other hydrating products.

I finished my bottle and currently I am trying out Body Shop's Carrot Hydrating Lotion. Will write a review of it tomorrow.


  1. I would strongly suggest using handmade soap. Ever since the first day I tried handmade soap (it was a free sample from a friend), I never turn back. It's not harsh and it keeps my skin moisture.

    And yeah sometimes oily is because of dehydration. I'm now looking for a good handmade moisturiser/lotion. :D

  2. luckily i already know i have dehydrated skin..

    i like all ur facial products reviews. coz we have kinda similar skin, eg: pimples etc. not like others who have super smooth skin. somehow when they write facial products reviews, i tend not to trust them.

    btw, i like the dr.g BB cream. read ur review n bought it. ehh...not often i buy facial products leh. but i trust u on ur review. :)

  3. so u using the bb cream now? the colour suit you or not? cos most bb cream is too pale for me, except this one!