Thursday, August 5, 2010

Ceramic Braces - Upper Teeth

Got my upper teeth fitted with braces yesterday.

Yes, it is very cacat

I asked Dr.Combrink how long will the full treatment be, he said 14-16 months. :(

But he did say that my gums are looking so much better that I must continue doing whatever I am doing :)
Nowadays I brush my teeth more frequently and I even floss my teeth! To be honest, I never floss my teeth before this *shy*
It is quite troublesome to floss WITH braces though, I have to string the floss underneath EACH wire between the teeth.
It is worth it though, making my gums stronger and no more bleeding like before.

Hopefully I will have normal (ooops, I mean prettier) teeth before my birthday next year !


  1. 14-16 months! so fast! :)
    my lower teeth braces supposed to last for only 6 months, but i'm still having it now. because my teeth wouldnt wanna come in front! :(

  2. Just saw your website searching for ceramic braces. I am a dental student in the US and will be getting these kind of braces this Friday! By the way what do you mean by "cacat" in your photo's caption?

    1. Somehow missed your comment, better late than never :-)
      Cacat literally means "disabled" in Malay language. However, I was using the word in the context that it looks weird / disorientated. :D

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