Thursday, August 26, 2010

Spring Clean in Winter

Does women likes to clean the house more, the older she gets?
Shu-Yin says so, and I agree.

I am now 26, and I'm starting like doing "homely" stuffs like cooking, gardening, and even cleaning!
OMG.... I can't believe i said I actually enjoyed cleaning.
*old woman*

I love spending the weekends cleaning the house and that was just what we did last weekend.

Faithful big vacuum cleaner


I prefer to vacuum when the morning sun streams into the house. At that time, you can see every single dust flying in the air and fine hair on the floor that you don't normally see at other times of the day. I sometimes wish that I have a robot that sucks the dust and everything in sight.

To stop Rainbow from taking in the dust that is flying all over with the carpets up and also to stop her from chasing the carpets when we try to beat them, this is her spot while we clean.

I want to play with the carpets!

After cleaning, we have a happy me and a happy Rainbow!

Rainbow with clean floor

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