Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Starting a Herb Garden

I'm sure most of you have gone through this - you're at the store buying ingredients for a roast chicken or salad, you need thyme, rosemary, sage and parsley. But you only need a pinch or a dash of particular herbs, leaving you with enough leftovers to make the same dish five times over, yet you know they'll all be spoiled and wilted before you get a chance to make the same meal again.

How nice it would be if you always have some herbs in the garden where you just need to pluck whatever amount that is needed ?

Right now, I do not have a garden space to plant my herbs, so we are planting in these long "pots". In the future I would like to have a real garden with herbs sectioned beautifully like this:

Dream Herb Garden

Right now, I have to be start small, and these are what I have:

Moss-curled parsley, Rosemary, Marjoram (family of Origanum), Celery

Thyme, Coriander, Sorrel, Celery(curly)

Also in individual pots, I have Chillies, Wheat Germ Grass, Thyme, Chillies and Garlic Chives, still waiting for some greens to appear.

Rainbow also wants to be part of my herb garden project.

Which is longer - the pot or Rainbow? :)


  1. wen i like basil..
    faster plant that :)

  2. Min, i tried to find Basil, but it's not the right time cos now here still winter :(

  3. You know you can just cut some wheat grass and give Rainbow?

    Both my dogs love wheat grass. They will actually beg for wheat grass. Sit, shake hand, apa pun buat. It's their natural instinct. Wheat grass is good for them. I think that Dr Pitcairn's book mentioned about this too.

  4. Yaya, that is actually why i plant wheat grass. For Rainbow! haha.. i think the book said something about dogs will naturally find wheat grass to eat when they are sick? For human, what can we use for?

  5. You can also eat wheat grass ma. Can make into juice or something. Very rich in Vit C.

  6. What do u call wheatgrass in Cantonese again? Xiu something... IS it the same one we drink?

  7. In Mandarin Xiao Mai Chao. Cantonese I think Xiu Mak Chou. Yeap it's the same, except yours is fresher with no sugar added. LOL!

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