Monday, August 9, 2010

Water Distiller

Water from our taps is never clean enough.
After the filter, we found this :


A closer look

I have always known that water straight from our tap is full of chemical, contaminants and even heavy metals. But it's always yuckier to see the real thing. From now on, our drinking water will only be after going through the Water Distiller.

The process it does :
  1. Ordinary tap water is heated to 100°C killing microbes such as bacteria, cysts, hormones and viruses that may be present.
  2. Steam rises leaving behind dead microbes, dissolved solids (inorganic minerals), salts, heavy metals, and other substances.
  3. Low boiling light gasses are discharged through the gaseous vent.
  4. Steam is then condensed in the stainless steel coil.
  5. Purified water then percolates through the organic activated carbon coconut shell filter, enhancing distilled water quality by absorption of volatile organic compounds.
  6. The 100% steam distilled water is collected in the 1 gallon polycarbonate collector/storage bottle.

Sigh, all these trouble nowadays just to drink clean water. That's why, we have to start going natural !

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