Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Year End Function @ Helderfontein

I arrived at Cape Town International Airport at 7:00.
Although our flight is only at 08:50, we decided to meet at the airport earlier to have breakfast at Wimpy.
Ordered my "usual" Wimpy Vegetarian Breakfast (the only breakfast I can finish everything on the plate).

Except this time, I did SOME changes.. without tomatoes, and an extra vegetarian patty. Yummy!
I checked in via the automatic machine, and got both my tickets of CPT-JHB as well as JHB-CPT.

Arrived in Johannesberg at around 10-ish. All 20 of us boarded a van-like transport to take us to the event place at Helderfontein. My first breath of Johannesberg was full of pollution from the highway. I feel choke-y already. The trip took us almost 1 1/2 hours to destination. Seat was hard and leg-space was just big enough for me (which doesn't need that much space). Pity all those guys who have to literally lift up their leg to get into their seat.

Did not take a lot of photos while at the YEF, as I seem to be the only one (except for the professional photographer) with a camera. No wonder the people here always say Asians like to take a lot of photos! Well, I couldn't deny :)

Helderfontein @ Johannesberg
Me & Colleague
Me & Colleagues    

Theme of the night. Doctor doctor.

The stand-up comedy which is not so funny   

Main room
Night view
I slept at around 1:00 and tried to stay warm in the bed. It was freezing! Looks like there is an electrical blanket under the bedsheets but it looks kind of old - so I didn't switch it on. (Don't want to be electrocuted!)
Set my alarm to clock for 05:45 to be ready for the van to pick us up at 06:15.

When I checked out next morning at 06:15, there was only 3 other people who checked out before me. I got in the van but nobody seem to be turning up. I guess all of them had too much to drink!
Eventually our van had to leave at 07:00 with only 15 of us in the bus. We had to leave 4 of them behind. When we got to the airport at 07:35 (which I forgot to add, the boarding gate closes at 07:45 for our 08:00 flight). We literally ran for our lives to the boarding gate. The rest of them tried to get their boarding passes from the machines but unable to do so because the flight is already "Boarding". Fortunately, me and Joey already have our boarding passes so we 'abandoned' them and dashed to the nearest Boarding Gate (Gate C-E). We were really lucky because as we got our boarding passes early, it did not state which Gate we should board from yet. We took a lucky guess and luckily our Gate is E3. We must be the last 2 person to get through the boarding gate. Phew. (Thanks to Joey for helping me to carry my bag while I just have to concentrate and run.)

I got back home safely, saving ZAR700 that the others had to pay for missing the original flight.
Slept the whole of Saturday!

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