Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Lucky Draw Prize from @Home

Received the Lucky Draw Gift that I won in Facebook (I didn't know can win prizes in Facebook nowadays)  from @Home.

The prize of course came in a box, with a rather flimsy wrapping for the prize.

The candles are luckily protected with "pop pop" wrappings.

Not sure where to place the candle holders yet, I would imagine it would look nice in a sunny white room. So, off the cupboard they go first until we find a place for them!

It feels so nice to win something. Makes me feel blessed and lucky! *jumps for joy*

Monday, September 27, 2010

Hermanus Whale Festival 2010

I was looking forward to the Whale Festival in Hermanus this year.
I blocked out my calendar at work to make sure I don't forget to attend it this year.
As it was a long weekend (Friday 24th was Heritage Day), it feels nice to be out after one day of rest and it's still Saturday!

It was packed packed packed! The atmosphere is very carnival-like, and we are blessed with shining sun on that day :) 

As long as you don't stand next to the sea, else it gets very windy and cold

A lot of people brought along their kids and pets to join in the fun

Kids playing with balls on water

Thought of Shern-Shern when i see Thomas the Train

Thomas the Train

This reminds me of Solero Shot in Genting. I played once, that's it. No more for me! I'll be happy watching people screaming from below. It was fun though, we were laughing at some people with funny faces while they were on the ride.

There's also bands playing music to add to the carnival-like festival.

A man is doing tricks while walking on a string. He is very entertaining, singing and making jokes while he walks and performs.

Last but not least, the main attraction of the day, the Whale!


We only managed to see the whales from faraway *see that tiny speck of black there, yes that's the whale* , but honestly, we only spent around 15 mins by the sea to look at the whales because it was so windy. I was more interested walking around the stalls and craft market :) I wish Mummy and my family will be here, I'm sure they will enjoy it.

I miss you all!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Rainbow killing A Funny Fruit

Rainbow attacked a Tomato/Granadel look-alike fruit.
It has a very hard outer layer, but Rainbow's teeth managed to puncture it.

Kill Kill Kill!

Is it dead yet?

The juice came out, Rainbow tasted it, and decided to let it go.

Yuck, don't want it!
Hmmm... how should I dispose of the evidence

It wasn't me!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Progress of My Herb Garden

My herbs that I planted from seeds finally made their appearance!


Chilli Plant


Garlic Chives

My Thyme and Wheat Grass still not showing themselves though :(

Thursday, September 16, 2010


I have never heard of Frikadels when I was in Malaysia. However, it is a common snack / food in South Africa. Very easy to make, but yummy! I made some yesterday evening at 10pm, for us to bring it to work for lunch the next day. Didn't happen,  because we ate most of it on the same night already!
Couldn't get a nice photo of it because it was already night, and the lights are yellow lights. (So have to take with the flash on).


: Frikadel
- 500gm lean mince
- 2 pieces of bread
- salt and pepper
- half of a medium-sized onion
- handful of fresh parsley
- 2 red chillies
- 1 large egg
- spicy sauce (optional) - I use very hot peri-peri sauce

1. Put mince into mixing bowl.
2. Chop the onion into small pieces, into the mixing bowl.
2. Chop the fresh parsley, into the mixing bowl.
3. Chop the chillies, into the mixing bowl.
4. Soak both bread with water, and squeeze excess water out from bread, add into mixing bowl.
5. Add egg.
6. Mix all the ingredients thoroughly.
7. Add spicy sauce (optional) to taste. - I like mine a bit spicy.
8. Add salt and pepper to taste, and mix again throughly.
9. Make them into small little flat balls and fry them hot oil - making sure the insides are cooked.
10. Towel off excess oil.
11. Serve them warm. Yummy!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Ceramic Braces Progress - 1 month

Upper Teeth

August 2010

September 2010

  • changed to thicker wire
Not much difference to the upper teeth yet, just that my front teeth size is not balanced (Thanks to the accident I had a few years ago)

Lower Teeth

August 2010

September 2010

  • changed to thicker wire
Sorry, different lighting photoes. If you look at the "August 2010" photo, you will notice that there is one tooth that is far behind from other teeth. It's amazing how far that tooth came out  in the "September 2010" photo. So much difference in a month, or is it just me who noticed that .. lol.
Not completely yet, but definitely can see the difference!

Ceramic braces posts:
First Appt in SA : Ceramic Braces - Lower Teeth
Ceramic Braces - Upper Teeth

Friday, September 10, 2010

Chai Shen Dao (English version)

Okay, I know now is Raya and not Chinese New Year.
But since writing the post Lucky Me! ,  this song has been in plaguing my mind.

When we were young, we have cassettes of each holiday season. We play Christmas songs during Christmas time and the same goes for CNY. Except of course, most CNY songs are in Mandarin. So our parents bought us CNY songs sung in English. Mind you, both me and Shu-Yin knows all the lyrics to those songs!
One thing amazing is that lyrics of songs stuck with you forever.

This song is based on the Mandarin CNY Song "Chai Shen Dao"  (I'm sure this is a very familiar tune).

Chai Shen Dao

So let's sing along in this English version? :)

Lyrics to Chai Shen Dao in English!
Lucky me, Lucky me,
Lucky me all the luck is good.

Can't you see , can't you see
Oh Mr Lucky that is me.

Don't mess around with me, I'm on a winning spree,
Four digits of business or dice, I'm the one who needs no advice,
Everything right will come my way,
Lucky me, lucky me.
Mr.Lucky, that is me!

Thursday, September 9, 2010


Pfffft.....went the tyre and the culprit was.....

A big-ass nail / rivet / whatever you call it

I actually didn't notice it until my boss saw it when my car was parked at work. First thing i thought of was, $$$$hit .... (yes, gonna need to fork out money again!) .

But luckily, a trip to the tyre place sorted it out for ZAR30. Phew....

Monday, September 6, 2010

Lucky Me!

First time I won anything in my life!

It is a Facebook competition, where you have to click "Like" on the post, and they will pick a random lucky winner for the day.
I still don't really know what to do with a set of bowl candles yet though ...

This brings back memories of when we were younger, all of us kids (me, my sisters, my cousins) will be at Hockchew Association which E-kong (my grandfather) is a member of, to collect "prizes" for getting good results in school. And after receiving the angpow (for those non-Chinese, they are red packets with money in them), there will always be a lucky draw after the ceremony.
The only time I won anything is when I won one of the probably 1000 prize of Milo!

But no matter how small the prize is, it is always nice to be the lucky winner :)

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


1st of September. It's springtime!
Love the blossoms from the garden.

Tree with white blossoms
White blossom

Tree with pink blossoms
Pink blossoms