Friday, September 10, 2010

Chai Shen Dao (English version)

Okay, I know now is Raya and not Chinese New Year.
But since writing the post Lucky Me! ,  this song has been in plaguing my mind.

When we were young, we have cassettes of each holiday season. We play Christmas songs during Christmas time and the same goes for CNY. Except of course, most CNY songs are in Mandarin. So our parents bought us CNY songs sung in English. Mind you, both me and Shu-Yin knows all the lyrics to those songs!
One thing amazing is that lyrics of songs stuck with you forever.

This song is based on the Mandarin CNY Song "Chai Shen Dao"  (I'm sure this is a very familiar tune).

Chai Shen Dao

So let's sing along in this English version? :)

Lyrics to Chai Shen Dao in English!
Lucky me, Lucky me,
Lucky me all the luck is good.

Can't you see , can't you see
Oh Mr Lucky that is me.

Don't mess around with me, I'm on a winning spree,
Four digits of business or dice, I'm the one who needs no advice,
Everything right will come my way,
Lucky me, lucky me.
Mr.Lucky, that is me!