Monday, September 27, 2010

Hermanus Whale Festival 2010

I was looking forward to the Whale Festival in Hermanus this year.
I blocked out my calendar at work to make sure I don't forget to attend it this year.
As it was a long weekend (Friday 24th was Heritage Day), it feels nice to be out after one day of rest and it's still Saturday!

It was packed packed packed! The atmosphere is very carnival-like, and we are blessed with shining sun on that day :) 

As long as you don't stand next to the sea, else it gets very windy and cold

A lot of people brought along their kids and pets to join in the fun

Kids playing with balls on water

Thought of Shern-Shern when i see Thomas the Train

Thomas the Train

This reminds me of Solero Shot in Genting. I played once, that's it. No more for me! I'll be happy watching people screaming from below. It was fun though, we were laughing at some people with funny faces while they were on the ride.

There's also bands playing music to add to the carnival-like festival.

A man is doing tricks while walking on a string. He is very entertaining, singing and making jokes while he walks and performs.

Last but not least, the main attraction of the day, the Whale!


We only managed to see the whales from faraway *see that tiny speck of black there, yes that's the whale* , but honestly, we only spent around 15 mins by the sea to look at the whales because it was so windy. I was more interested walking around the stalls and craft market :) I wish Mummy and my family will be here, I'm sure they will enjoy it.

I miss you all!


  1. they already "count" that day will have whales?
    or u r having a really good luck?

  2. There surely got whale wan. This is considered bad luck already, only see 1 from so far away. Sometimes they come very near, and a lot of them. This is their mating season, they come here every year to make babies..

  3. shern would have loved to sit in the Thomas train !!!

  4. That's why in the post I said that when i saw the train, I immediately thought of Shern Shern!