Monday, October 18, 2010

Bantry Bay Weekend - Day 1

8 Oct 2010
I was off sick for the whole week already. Had a bad cold, coughing and lost my voice.
Ian had booked a weekend away at Bantry Bay Hotel. Although he has his IT Quarterly Event to attend, he agreed to leave a little early at 3pm+ so that we wouldn't waste the Friday we had booked.
We got to our destination at about 4-ish and happily discover our room.

The Manager of the Hotel handwrite a note for us, very sweet.

Wanting to make the most out of the Friday, we took a walk along the beachfront at Sea Point. I think Mummy and Min will recognise the trees next to the beach.

We also walk along the shops in Sea Point which I've always wanted to do but we always somehow end up there on Sundays where all shops are closed very early.
I didn't take any photos here, kinda forgot as I was busy looking around. We ate in a Chinese Restaurant called Mama's Kitchen.
After the long walk,we retired early, watching Commonthwealth Games on DSTV. 

Ian suggested that we should have an early sunrise picnic in the morning at Signal Hill.
Ahh.... hotel beds are wonderful.

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