Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Bantry Bay Weekend - Day 2 (The proposal)

Bantry Bay Weekend - Day 1 

9 Oct 2010
Next day early in the morning at 5:00am, I was feeling a bit lazy, especially when the hotel beds are so nice and comfortable. However, I know it is not everyday we can have a sunrise picnic in Cape Town. We got up and headed off to Signal Hill. 

Views on the way up to Signal Hill

Once we reached the peak, we looked for a nice spot to see the sunrise. We laid down our picnic blanket and Ian started taking loads of pictures of the scenery around us.

Just as the sun rises, Ian started telling me what I brought to his life, and how much I mean to him. He went down on one knee and said the famous sentence "Will you marry me?"
To be honest, I did not remember how/what I responded but apparently I said "Yes" . Bear in mind my voice was still gone so it must be a very husky Yes :).
It only starts sinking in a little while later and the first person I messaged to share the news is to my family at home.

First few pictures after the proposal
The scenery added the "ahhh" to the whole perfect morning.

First task after getting engaged - helping me to tie my shoe-lace :)

Ian got me a pretty wedding band to propose. He prefers me to choose a ring that I like but could not ask me before proposing as he wanted it to be a surprise. *excited to shop for a ring!*

The temporary engagement ring

The day didn't just end there. This was just the start of a wonderful weekend and our lives together.

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