Thursday, November 25, 2010

Flying without Wings

I'm flying without wings...or rather I hope I can fly without wings.
My wings = My passport.

I am supposed to fly up to Johannesberg today to meet up with Ian but only realised yesterday that my passport is with Ian in Johannesberg!*faints*

Although it is a local flight and normally an ID would be sufficient, but apparently only South African ID / South African Driving License will be accepted . Uh Oh...

I quickly called my airlines, and explained to her the whole situation, she insisted that I need a passport, but after a while she said "Ok, bring along a photostated copy of my Passport as well as my Malaysian ID"

Then, being a "kiasi", I asked her what happens if I go to the airport and the person would not allow me to check in? She said, just tell that person , Lulu from Cape Town Mango Call Centre said it's fine. Hmm....
I called again  today ("kiasi" again), asked the same thing to another person, and after a lot of hesitation, said it's fine with my photostated copy of Passport.
So yeah, I got 2 names (Lulu and Lusanda) from Call Centre that says it's fine.

Wish me luck!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Been Long

I know I haven't been posting for quite some time, but I didn't realise this is actually the first post for the whole of November!
So why have I been missing from this world.
Not because there is nothing happening in my life right now, it's just that too many things happen at one time.

  • Our move of office from Somerset West to Century City means I have to travel 2-3 hours a day = less time to blog
  • At work we have a new set of Development Team with a new Project Manager means work has piled up and loads of deadlines = less time to blog
  • Ian's brothers came back from overseas for their father's 70th birthday means we have to spend more time either with the family or gettogether of friends = less time to blog
  • Summer is approaching means more birthday parties, braais, concerts = less time to blog

I love this blog and will never abandon it. The purpose of this blog is for my family back home to know what is happening here some 10,000 kilometres away.
Oh ya, I will be in Johannesberg from Thursday evening, coming back on Sunday . Shit which means no time to blog :) Oh well.

Can't wait to go home. 2 months, 1 week and 1 day left! Yipeeee.