Thursday, November 25, 2010

Flying without Wings

I'm flying without wings...or rather I hope I can fly without wings.
My wings = My passport.

I am supposed to fly up to Johannesberg today to meet up with Ian but only realised yesterday that my passport is with Ian in Johannesberg!*faints*

Although it is a local flight and normally an ID would be sufficient, but apparently only South African ID / South African Driving License will be accepted . Uh Oh...

I quickly called my airlines, and explained to her the whole situation, she insisted that I need a passport, but after a while she said "Ok, bring along a photostated copy of my Passport as well as my Malaysian ID"

Then, being a "kiasi", I asked her what happens if I go to the airport and the person would not allow me to check in? She said, just tell that person , Lulu from Cape Town Mango Call Centre said it's fine. Hmm....
I called again  today ("kiasi" again), asked the same thing to another person, and after a lot of hesitation, said it's fine with my photostated copy of Passport.
So yeah, I got 2 names (Lulu and Lusanda) from Call Centre that says it's fine.

Wish me luck!

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