Sunday, December 19, 2010

"First" time in Johannesberg

Although I have been to Johannesberg a couple of times, it was always for work purposes (where I only see the office and the hotel) or a stopover on my flight to Cape Town.
Problem is, there is no way you can visit Johannesberg without having a car. Public transport is non-existent in South Africa!

Ianie had to be in Joberg for 10 days for his work training. That would mean a 8 working days and a weekend in between. So we decided that I should take leave on Friday and fly to Joberg for the weekend. As his company rented him a car and a place to stay, it would be cool that we can drive around and visit Joberg. I admit I contemplated a little, because the flight ticket will cost me around ZAR1k... around RM400..... well, it is a 2 hours flight. At last i decided that well, if the next time we do decide to visit Joberg, we will have to pay for both flight tickets, car and a place to stay! So off I go, and I think I had made a wonderful decision.

On the ground...
Up in the air!
That evening, we were at Sandton and Nelsom Mandela Square. I was between Mandela's legs! :o

Look at the pretty baobab tree!

The next morning, because I am an "illegal" person in the hotel, Ianie has to seludup some breakfast for me from his free breakfast because I am lazy to go out to get food  :)

Ian then took me to a park which he discovered while he was there. I admit that I always think of Johannesberg as a really really city place, with buildings and buildings, without beaches and parks , but the parks they have here is beautiful. I finally came to the conclusion that Joberg is something like Kuala Lumpur. Actually I think they are almost 90% similar in a lot of ways. More options when it comes to shopping, more competition therefore you get better deals, more high end services eg medical, and you have lovely parks if you know where to go.

Taking photos with the duckies...

A lady saw me and offered some bread for me to throw to the duckies *maybe she thinks I am a tourist?*

And there I was, feeding the duckies... *happy*

Oh shit, they are coming nearer.....

Trying to be cool and move further away and continue feeding...

AHHHHHHHH!!!! (look at my

*jumps over the low brick wall*

Ok.. I guess now I know why everyone else is feeding from behind the wall... be continued in next blog post!

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  1. the tree is so nice!

    and when i began to read the duck feeding part, the first ques is "they wont 'tok' you?" hahaha