Wednesday, December 29, 2010

My Life List

Shu-Yin started her life list , now it's my turn.
Ian already had one (not as much as 100) but mostly what he wanted to accomplish in his life.
Although his mostly contained daring activities like river-rafting in Zambezi River, swim with sharks, etc... (Shu-Min will have a list like that I suppose).

I think this is a really good way to keep in track of life because there are just too many things in life that just happen and before you know it, you are 50 years old and won't be able to do most of the items.
So, here we go. I had to went through a few list including Yin's to add on only those that I want. It is NOT easy coming up with 100, so I have 50 in my list :)

  1. Start a herb garden and maintain it
  2. Start a vege garden
  3. Go to Europe
  4. Pat a dolphin
  5. Cook a nice meal every Sunday
  6. Have LASIK done on my eyes
  7. Separate items for recycling
  8. Watch sunrise and sunset with my partner and family
  9. Real camping under the stars
  10. Have my dream kitchen
  11. Have a hammock
  12. Exercise every day
  13. Cook a complete meal for my family (mum, dad, Min, Yin, Ahyee, Peter, Shern, Ianie) 
  14. Go on a cruise
  15. Bake from scratch
  16. Sew something
  17. Play a piano piece by Richard Clayderman
  18. Scuba diving
  19. Have my dream bedroom + ensuite
  20. Meditate at least twice a week
  21. Visit the fireflies place in Selangor
  22. Watch snowfall
  23. Build a snowman
  24. Fly in a hot air balloon
  25. Visit Disneyland
  26. Witness meteor shower
  27. Dress up in a costume party
  28. Experience cherry blossoms in Japan
  29. Learn to ballroom dance
  30. Attend a concert
  31. Stop work and instead work for something close to my heart
  32. Start yoga
  33. Hug a koala bear
  34. Visit ancestor's home in China
  35. A piano in South Africa
  36. Take up photography
  37. Win over RM10000 in lottery
  38. Make sushi
  39. Eat breakfast everyday
  40. Bake a cake for someone's birthday
  41. Ride on a convertible car
  42. Have my own bookshelf
  43. Have a compost bin in the garden
  44. Own a garden
  45. Ride an elephant
  46. Ride a horse
  47. Moisturize my face everyday
  48. Floss my teeth everyday
  49. Have my dream walk-in wardrobe
  50. To go for a trip somewhere with my 2 sisters - just the three of us! (Yin, that's the best idea ever!)

1 comment:

  1. yes...we really should do it someday. mebbe go somewhere island-y....just us 3 lazing around the beach/hammock or smtg like that and read whole day. hahah...we both love reading..min she probably stay in the hotel room and watch rented dvds whole day. haha