Friday, January 14, 2011

Wedding Preparation

I am glad this blog is not known to my friends in South Africa.
Therefore I am able to share ideas and preparations for my wedding, and still making it a surprise for the guests.

It has been 2 months since our engagement, and I already have a file load of information, contacts and quotes I got from various sources.

Internet has been wonderful, I get so much cheaper options than what I have been told to expect from friends that recently married.
Eg. Friends said it will cost me at least ZAR4000 for a wedding cake, claiming it's a friend of hers.
After googling in the internet, I found a one offering me ZAR3000 for a 3-tier wedding cake, and her work and ideas are lovely.
Tip : Never just listen, always research, research and research.

Not to mention my family in Penang, helping me to source items for my wedding. I was feeling alone, with my bridesmaid all the way in Penang. No one to give me opinions on my dress, theme, etc.
I do have friends here but not close ones, and the closer ones does not share the same taste as me.
I am very very grateful to have my family although far away from me, but helped me tremendously :)

I hope future wedding posts will be able to share tips and lessons I learnt while preparing for my own wedding.

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