Wednesday, March 16, 2011

4 Wisdom Teeth Removal + Implant

I had all four of my wisdom teeth removed. plus a tooth implant done in ONE surgery.
Reason for having implant was , well , I needed that lost tooth after an accident years ago, and while I had consultation with the doctor for the implant, he recommended strongly that I remove the wisdom teeth as they seem to be blocking my brushing as well as movement of the teeth for braces.
After checking with the medical aid, realised that they do pay for it, so I thought why not? All I needed was courage to go through it.

On the day before the surgery, I had to go for a pre-med checkup to make sure that I am well enough to go through anesthetic. Check! Check! Check!
I was prescribed medicine for me to get to get "ready" for the surgery.

1) Antibiotics
2) Painkillers
3) Mouth rinse

The necessities

I was then told I would not be under general anesthetic but instead be under a drug similar to the 'date-rape drug'. It is because they need me to be still awake to open my mouth, bite, etc. The doctor explained to me in length what will happen eg. I will be high and will do whatever he says.... and then after the whole thing, I will forget what happened!
That sounds really scary, I was hoping I can just sleep through the whole thing..
Nevertheless, I was given other pre-operative instructions and a small white pill attached to the instructions to take half an hour before the scheduled surgery (which apparently will make me "relax") . Haha..

Yes, 46.8kg is my weight!

Early morning, I was driven to the clinic by Ian. I was getting nervous, and thinking what if even when I am high, I feel pain? etc... etc... I popped in the white pill given and I remember thinking, why wasn't I feeling any calmer?!

I was called into the surgery room soon, and the doctor prick my hand for the needle to feed me gas.. I could not remember what happened next....

First thing I remember was someone asking me to open my mouth, which I did... and he told me it's done!
I woke up with mouth full of blood, which I was told not to rinse off.

*below photos for above 18*


Scene from Dracula

And these the photos of my poor healthy teeth - they're huge!

My cheeks swell for only a little (hardly noticeable) as compared to what other people experienced.
All in all, I'm glad that I went through it and I don't remember or feel anything!


  1. wah...really dont remember anything wan arr?

  2. ur dracula teeth is scaryyyyyyyyyy!
    so u r on porridge diet for now?

  3. Yin : Ya really wan... but they told me I was very cooperative :) lol ... i wonder what happened....

    Min : No, I was actually fine... like not painful wan! haha.. I already buy chicken pien pien to cook chicken porridge.. mana tau fried chicken also can eat!

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