Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Clinic Quest

I have been on and off sick since I came back from Phuket. Very bad cough for 2 weeks at least, then caught a flu, and then cold. I was sick (and maybe a tad lazy) last Friday, so I decided to take the day off.
As a rule in the Company, if you are sick on a Monday or Friday, you have to produce a medical certificate, fair enough. (Yes, you do not have to produce MC for the rest of the days, cos here is not Malaysia, lol)

As we have just recently moved to Welgemoed, I've never seen a doctor around this area. So as always, I depended on Miss G (Garmin!).
I search for the nearest Clinic. It shows Tijger Clinic, 0.3km away. Near and convenient, good!
I drove out and reached the place quickly. When I walked in, I saw that there were at least 40 people in the clinic already. It was just around 8:30am.
I went to the receptionist and she asked me immediately if I have made an appointment. I replied saying No, I'm here to see a GP for flu.
Guess what she said??.
"Oh Sorry, we do not have a GP here. This is a psychiatric clinic." -.-

Oh well........ so I search for the next one Medi-clinic. Medi-clinic is a famous private hospital in SA. So I thought I should try my luck there. Went in, got lost as it is very huge, found the reception, and was told that there's only GP in the Emergency Area.
I didn't want to see in the Emergency Area as it is NOT an emergency, and it sounds expensive.. *cheapskate*

I gave up and called my colleague, who eventually directed to Intercare.

Ah... and that is the story of my journey to the west clinic.

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