Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Ceramic Braces Progress - 9 months

 My teeth has gone through a lot. A lot of dentists visits, orthodontists visits, and even implant surgeon visits.

I grew up with not-perfectly aligned teeth. It was not too bad, but it is the case of overcrowded teeth. I suppose I must be thankful that I have small mouth with big-sized teeth ( that can still be saved, hurray! ) compared to having a big mouth with small teeth. 

And then during my teenage years, I was naughty and pillion ride on my ex-boyfriend motorbike, which with him as a driver is not the best place to be. We met with an accident and I lost one of my front teeth. Besides that, the whole alignment of my teeth was moved because of the impact and the space of the missing tooth. For the next few years, the missing front tooth has always been replaced by a denture. A one-tooth denture which is so uncomfortable because it is not that fitting as a whole mouth denture, and I miss crunching on apples, biting on corn in a cob, etc. 

Community service message courtesy from : Please remember to "appreciate" your front tooth because you won't realize how useful it is until you lose it!

No one knows about it, except my family and a few close people in my life. Not that I am ashamed of it, but it gets so uncomfortable if a person looks at my tooth instead of looking at my eyes when speaking to me. I like taking of my tooth for my family member to see! It just clicks in and out. Lol
I realised I must get an implant quickly, but before that I will have to have braces fitted to get my teeth back into alignment and then have my implant that will feel like a real tooth! I got my braces eventually, and to make the long story short, I am near the end of my braces and have a temporary crown on my missing tooth to be replaced by implant soon.

I realized that I haven't been updating on my braces progress since 4 months ago. So let's see where I am now, from Aug 2010 until May 2011.

Upper Teeth 


Aug 2010

Sept 2010 - after 1 month

Jan 2011- after 5 months

May 2011 - after 9 months

Please excuse the yellow bands around my braces, I ate curry on that morning. Lol.

What? Did you say you see no difference at all? Pictures can be deceiving :)
The difference is at 9 months, I had all my wisdom teeth taken out. As the straightness of it is already sorted out (excluding the missing tooth), my Orthodontist was working more on my bite as well as pushing the teeth to the back. Also, if you look carefully, you will see thin wires twisting around each brace. This is to tighten the gap between the teeth.

Another difference is the fake middle tooth (on the right, my left) has been replaced with a temporary crown. The colour of the crown is not right, but as long as it is just temporary and not permanent, I am not fussy about it. But the dentist promised me that before he implant the permanent tooth, he will make sure that it's perfect :)

Lower Teeth

Aug 2010
Sept 2010 - after 1 month

January 2011 - After 5 months

May 2011 - after 9 months

Again, please excuse the yellow bands :) Besides the fact that it needs to be pulled to the back a bit, my Orthodontist is pretty happy with my bottom teeth. Just need it to maintain their places and that gums are healthy.

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  1. Again, great progress!
    You shouldn't apologize about the yellow bands. Mine is worst. I am a naughty one for I smoke, drink coffee, eat curry and turmeric rice hahahaha that's worst! But hey.. life must go on and enjoyed to the max even though you are on braces hahahahaha anyhow we put them on and decide on ceramic at our own risks.

    By the way, I hope you don't mind me following your blog so I can also follow your progress.

    Have a great day, Shu!


  2. Hi, how much did you do the implant for?

    So how long are you expected to stay in those braces?

  3. Hi Sue,

    I am now staying in Cape Town ( South Africa ) so I paid in South African Rands and not Malaysian Ringgit.

    My Orthodontist said on August 2010 that I will be wearing the braces for 12-14 months which means it should be until October 2011, but since it looks good now, he said by July/August I should be ready. However remember that the longer you wear your braces, the more time the teeth has to "settle in". As long as it is before my wedding in December, I do not mind !

  4. Hi Shu Wen,

    Ya thats right, you are in Cape Town.

    Looks like it won't be long before you are off ur braces.

    Congrats on your wedding! :)

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