Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Dog that is afraid of grass

Rainbow might be the only dog in the world who dislikes grass.
It is never the dog's fault, it is always the owner's fault. And in this case it's no exception.

I used to stay in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in a rented apartment (flat). Me and Jen will walk Rainbow twice a day for her to do her business. The grass in the playground is not well kept and the grounds are wet and soggy. So we normally walk her either on the pathway or in the carpark. In other words, she is not exposed to being on the grass.

Fast forward 5 years later, Rainbow is no in South Africa. It is not as humid here as in Malaysia, so grass is somewhere people like to lie down or have a picnic to enjoy the sun. However, Rainbow still does not like the grass. If I place her on the grass, she will just stand there and not moving at all (no matter how long I leave her and walk away, or tempt her with something she really likes). She will lift one of her paw up, and not move for hours.

It takes time for her to learn. Now that we have a garden, she is more and more exposed to grass. She progressed slowly, first by putting her feet on the ground, to running funnily on the grass (or actually, off the grass).

Look at this video I took of her running on the grass. Which is a very very BIG improvement from a year ago. Please excuse the ending - Rainbow was taking a poo - and her bum looks so sexy and round, could not resist filming it as well ! :-)

She still prefers the ground than grass. But slowly but surely, she is getting there!

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