Monday, June 13, 2011

Drain walking

As most of you know by now, Rainbow eyes are partially blind.
Most dogs that are partially blind tend to become aggressive as a result of fear or shock. However, thankfully, Rainbow is such a sweet and calm dog (luckily not those yappy type that most small dogs have).

Because of her eyes, whenever we go on our evening walks, she likes to walk on the white line at the side of the road or near the edge of the road. Gradually I realize that it helps to guide her to walk and gave her confidence to walk quicker.

She also prefers to walk in the tiny drain like these ones. It's like her own little pathway.

Drain walking

Fortunately, the drains in Cape Town are mostly dry and clean. Unlike the ones in Malaysia, they are either filled with rain water or dry and clean and not smelly :)

Basically, the other reason I am writing about this is that I have seen owners pulling their dogs away from something they do, or something they prefer their dogs to do, to be a "normal" dog. Eg. walking on the grass, running alongside them, etc. Owners should instead try to understand why their dogs do what they do and allow them if no harm is done. There must be a reason behind it! Same goes for us human beings. If another person does something that is not the norm, there might be a real good reason why.

Say hi to the drain-walker !  :)

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