Friday, June 10, 2011

Rainbow down with food poisoning

I took out the overnight sushi from the fridge, having in mind that I had to eat it before it goes bad *kiasu*. The sushi was left in the fridge the night before. I finished as much as I can, and had to share it with Rainbow when I could not eat anymore *lucky dog, get to eat salmon*, if not it will go to waste.

Result of being kiasu, later that night, I had diarrhea  and had to go to the toilet twice at night. Did not have a good night sleep, and alarm clock went off as soon as my head touches my pillow :(
I then prepare Rainbow's food as usual. However, she was not interested and flopped to the ground, lying on her belly. When I touched her body, she seemed to shiver every 2-3 seconds. I then took her to her pillow-bed (which is actually a Continental pillow) and covered her with blanket, thinking she was cold. When I let her out in the garden to do her business, she didn't seem to want to walk and just lie down as quickly as she could.
I know there must be something wrong with her and I suspected she had food poisoning as well cos we both ate the same thing the evening before! I finally persuaded her to eat some of her food and left for work, feeling worried.

I drove home again during lunchtime to check on her. I let her out again, and this time she did walk around but seemed weak. She was very slow when climbing up the stairs and preferred to sit or lie down. She still did not pee or poo which was what I was hoping for, for her to get rid of the toxins in her tummy. After all, I  "got rid of my toxins" that way and I am fine now.

Rainbow not wanting to walk

After work I brought her to the vet, seeing that she was still weak and had no appetite. The "shivering" that I felt in the morning was actually her tummy contractions which was painful for her.
I took her in to Panorama Veterinary clinic, her usual clinic and also where she was spayed and had her lump on her tail removed. I usually will ask for Dr.Prins but he had left for the day so I had no choice but to see any other vet.

Rainbow feeling down, while waiting for the vet to bring the medication

The vet that examined her tried to touch her tummy, but she cried out in pain. We could now see that her tummy looked and felt bloated. I told the vet about the 'Sushi-incident'. The vet was a worried that it might be splintered bones that hurt her stomach and suggested X-Ray. She then went to ask opinion from another vet (I think a more senior vet) and finally decided that the bloating and pain in the stomach might be because of gas accumulated, so I can only do an X-Ray if she doesn't come right after a day. I assured her that Rainbow did not eat cooked chicken bones and so she gave Rainbow an injection (to release gas from her stomach and to relieve her from pain), and two medications (one for antibiotics, and the other for nausea). And I was left with ZAR250 bill (around RM100).

The trip to the vet was well worth it.
By the time we got home, she was all alive and happy. No more contractions on her tummy so no more pain. And she is hungry for food - the best news of the day! Ahh.. such a relief for me!

Amazing how small things like when she is hungry - I know that she is well. When she snores at night - I know that she is sleeping comfortably. Small things that assure me she is doing good :)

Rainbow up and alive!


  1. rainbow joins the Tan family! haha pity rainbow hor, sick also cannot tell anyone. :(

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