Friday, July 8, 2011

Something in between

Life has been hectic here, with the house renovations and wedding preparations.

It is especially hard as the people I am most comfortable with discussing the wedding details are my family.

And you would not believe how hard it is to discuss something simple with someone from far away. Eg. pink has many different shades of pink. From mauve to mink to rosered. They are all considered pink!
I do miss my family. I think sometimes I look forward to see my family here more than I look forward to the wedding itself! Haha...

After my wedding, I will share pictures of my inspiration board and preparations for the wedding. I don't want to spoil it by posting it here before the wedding, although no one from SA actually knows about my blog. But just in case.

My focus now is to start on a beauty regime, now that I am 5 months away from the wedding.
I will go for monthly facial, and has started taking Vitamins for my skin, hair and nails.
I also drink plain water at work now, instead of coffee or tea. Hopefully I will see results.

No photos this post, next post I shall share with you the renovation work ongoing at our house.

Until then, bye!