Monday, November 7, 2011

Engagement Shoot - First Try

Marrying in Malaysia compared to South Africa has a very different practice.For Chinese living in Malaysia, the cronology of events for a marriage to take place is as follows:

Comparison #1 : Cronology of Events for Wedding

  1. Proposal
  2. Registration of Marriage aka ROM
  3. Wedding Shoot
  4. Customary Events + Wedding Ceremony
As a Chinese in Malaysia, the wedding day / wedding ceremony is actually a day of culture practice. The wedding ceremony only happens after the couple is legally married (during the ROM).

 South Africa:
  1. Proposal
  2. Engagement Shoot
  3. Registration of Marriage + Wedding Ceremony + Couple Shoot
    To me it makes more sense that the registration of marriage is on the day of wedding ceremony itself. If not you always find yourself in the position of "Oh, I'm legally married but we dont have our wedding ceremony yet!"

    Comparison #2 : Wedding photos
    Malaysia :
    In Malaysia the couple photos are done before the wedding day, due to the fact that on the wedding day itself there are too many things happening! All the traditions and customary events on the same day eg. fetching of the bride, tea ceremony, going to the temple, etc leaves no more time for the couple to have their photos taken as well.
    Therefore, they are normally taken a few months before the wedding ceremony. Usually the bride will hire a few change of customes and have their photos taken in a few different venues. It is great that you then get to bring back a portfolio of photos in different customes in different venue and setting.

    South Africa:
    In South Africa, the couple shoot as they call it here, happens on the day itself. The photos are taken normally after the ceremony and before the wedding dinner.The downside of it is you get to usually only take photos in your wedding dress, or another change if you have the time to squeeze it in. The better side of things is that you only do these on the day itself, on your wedding day, in your wedding dress. *romantic*
    They do have another thing to cater for pre-wedding photos though. They call it Engagement Shoot aka E-Sessions. These are photos of the couple before the wedding day, normally in casual clothings, showing their love for each other.
    See this and this.

    As a Malaysian Chinese marrying a South African in South Africa (confused yet?),
    We decided to go this:
    1. Proposal
    2. Engagement Shoot (Pre-wedding shoot)
    3. Wedding Ceremony + Registration of marriage + Customary Event (in our case, Tea Ceremony) + Couple Shoot

    Now that my braces are officially off (yes, and that's another post by itself!), we have to quickly get our Engagement Shoot done. Our calendar was blocked for the 30th October 2011. The first thing that comes to my mind , of course, is what to wear.

    Something that looks relaxed and casual but will not look like an aunty.
    Some makeup that will make me look groomed but still look natural.

    Ahh... the headache.

    Besides that, I must also think of what Ian will be wearing so that our colours do not clash.

    Finally the day has arrived.
    Early in the morning, I was greeted by a large noise......from the toilet.
    Ian "informed" me he has a runny tummy the whole night. It was from the Curry Rooti we got from his mum's church bazaar the day before.
    I know, I know. Food poisoning is not the best thing to happen on a day we are supposed to skip happily down the beach, looking casual and in love.

    When we got to Sea Point, our photographer is still not around. Ian decided to visit the toilet again (hoping to empty whatever's left in the bowel). When our photographer arrived after 10 minutes later, Ian just came out from the toilet. His face was still screwed with pain and I reminded him to try to smile for the photos and don't look too constipated *lol*.
    One step, two steps, and a quick sorry, Ian rushed back to the toilet.
    The last rush to the toilet seems to be the worst one, he didn't emerge till probably 20-30 minutes later.

    Luckily the sky responded. It then started to rain, and pour.
    *Rain is a blessing indeed*
    We were actually glad that the photography session has to be cancelled, and we spend the rest of the day in front of the fire watching TV, where Ian can be near his toilet :-)

    Date set for our next Engagement Shoot : 12th Nov 2011.
    I'll make sure we have normal food the before.

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    1. Now that's called a perfect post with different planned packages. My sister in law arranged a pretty anniversary party last week. Cake was yummy and chocolate puddings were liked by all. Also the wedding venues booked were giving best of their services. Liked the dinner and drinks of all varieties.