Thursday, November 17, 2011

Family in Cape Town

I must admit that sometimes I get more excited that my family is here in Cape Town, than the wedding itself.
I think this is perfectly normal, because I was brought up in a very close family.
I also don't see anything wrong with it, because for me, my family is the most important. And the best thing is I don't have to hide this fact from Ian (which people will tell me "Better don't let Ian hear that!"). He knows me and perfectly understands why. And that is why I am marrying him.

Last Sunday, Mummy, Daddy, Ahyee and Yiu-Shern braved through the 15 hours flight from Penang to KL, KL to Cape Town. Both me and Ian were so excited! We made sure we got there earlier, just in case their flight got here early. Call me emotional or sensitive, but I think it is really very disappointing and irresponsible if they come out and their daughter is not there yet!
It was rainy hard that day. We haven't had that much rain for the last few months! I prayed silently that they followed my advice in emails to bring extra jacket.
When we got to the airport, their flight has been delayed ! Luckily, only for 15 mins la.

I don't know why but my heart was pounding fast when I saw the red  "Delayed" to green "Landed" . This is it!

The best part is that we were able to see their plane from the arrival waiting area. Not from far away, but very near. Maybe 20m away from the glass. We can also see them coming out from the corridor, and because the corridor is tinted, we can only make out who they are from the shape. But we managed to spot the 4 of them! (picture still in my camera). I let Ian take photos with the camera while I take photos using my phone.

I then reminded Ian to take photos of them when they come out, especially Shern, because I know Shu-Yin surely will want to know every single detail about Shern. lol. Thats why.. a lot of photos I took with my phone on that day is of Yiu-Shern, so that I can report so Shu-Yin to show her he is doing well..

 I was getting worried if they were stopped by customs, especially with Mum bringing so much spices and even a steamboat pot for me! Hehe... They finally came out - they were the last to come out! 4 people with more than 100kg of luggages . And that's only checked-in luggages. They still have hand-carry bags and a stroller.

I always find it amazing how Shern just accepted me and Ian as Wen YeeYee and Uncle Ian... without seeing me as an outsider, as if he has known us forever and we have always lived with him in the same house. This time again, that's exactly what happened.

Family is always family. We can not see each other for months. But once we see each other, we are so comfortable as if we have never been away from each other. Shern as well as doing well and is at home immediately.

Hello it's me!
Meeting his first friend in the house

Making African music with Uncle Ian

Watching cartoons and mimicking them talking

Want prawn prawn only!

I know I am going to be a happy person for this whole month :-)

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  1. wah...shern is like ur son. :)
    im so so happy to see more photos of shern here.

    miss him.
    thanks for taking so good care of him.

    and yea....take more photos of him. hehehe