Thursday, February 23, 2012

Are you happy with your job?

Are you happy with your job?

I get this question quite frequently. I am sure everyone does.
Very early in my career, I know and believe that if you make your passion your job, your life would be very fulfilling. The most powerful combination of all is of course if your passion AND strength becomes your job.

True, but what if, like me, am not sure what my passion is?

My education / career life has been somehow a predictable journey.

Just because I have good results in PMR, I automatically find myself in Science stream. (instead of Arts - because Teacher said Art Stream is where all the weaker students are).
In Science stream, I have the choice of choosing Biology or Physics.
I chose Physics because I could not get myself to disect a frog.

Even after graduating, I did not have a clear understanding on what options I have for my future.
All I knew was I could choose to be either a doctor or a teacher or an architect or a programmer or an accountant.
What I did not realise is that I could choose to be a Neurosurgeon, ENT surgeon, Ophthalmologist, Gynaecologist, Orthpaedic surgeon. I just thought of doctor - GP.
I did not know I could choose to become an Actuary Accountant or Chartered Accountant.
I did not know I could choose to become a Business Analyst, Business Intelligence Specialist, Database Administrator instead of only Programmer.

So when the time came to pick a degree to study, I never knew what my passion was.
I thought, "Hey, maybe I could start with what my strength and weaknesses are."

So yes, I have always been strong in mathematics, logical subjects, formulas, reasoning. - my left side of brain.
But then, I also always have a good eye on colours, layout, art, emotions - my right side of brain.
And that was how I ended up studying Multimedia.
Get it? Information technology that has logical reasoning and mathematical subjects, together with presentation and view of digital art. Easy peasy.

Somehow after I finished my 3-year Bachelors Degree in IT, majoring in Multimedia, I wasn't happy. I wasn't fulfilled.
I did not like to be given less points for a black and white art, just because the teacher likes the combination of purple and yellow with pink polka dots.
I did not like it if the layout turns out beautiful, but in the backend the logic is not clean or well thought of.
Maybe there is no ideal, and for me to want it to both ways was irritating no one else but myself.
After I graduated, I decided from the beginning I want a more logical, reasoning, stable job.
I soon finds myself applying for the role that involves programming.

I soon ended up as an IT Analyst and then to Management Trainee and now as a Software Developer All in IT field, because that was what I got for my degree - although I did not know how I ended up here!

Anyway after the long story, back to the main question. Am I happy with my job? What is my passion?
That will be in another post. Just because I can.