Monday, June 25, 2012

My First Gynae Visit

Or should I rename the title to be "The search for my Perfect Gynae?"

Beginning of this year, I decided to book for a gynae visit. *at last!*
I know one can get a yearly checkup with a normal GP, but I thought I should start to find a gynae that both me and Ian are comfortable with, so we can use the same gynae when we decide to have a baby in future. *avid planner*
So I started googling around and speaking to friends who have had babies.

I finally drew up The requirements of my version of a 'Perfect Gynae' :
  1. Obviously must be very competent , and good in handling emergencies, just in case *touch wood*
  2. Not racist, as racism is still sadly, very much in the real world.
  3. Must practise at nearby hospitals (Panorama Mediclinic Hospital or Louise-Leipoldt Mediclinic Hospital). Both hospitals has good technology and infrastructure. I don't want to be in the position of almost-dying and they could not find / I have to wait my turn for the CPR machine to resuscitate me.
  4. Patience. I'm the patient but he/she must be patient with me. Lol. Having time and willing to listen / answer whatever doubts I might have.
  5. Must be willing to go natural birth. But of course if there is a genuine medical reason, she will still do a caesarean on me of course. Because I heard that in SA, a lot of gynaes will 'push' you to opt for a caesarean so that it is scheduled for money-making purposes.

After scouring every single possibility, I decided to make an appointment with Dr. Marie Pienaar. She was highly recommended by both a friend as well as my neighbour (they do not know each other, just happened to speak about their gynae and they both spoke very highly of her, that must surely mean something?)

My friend had an emergency pre-mature labour, and told me how calm and quick she was at the hospital ready for her. However, both of them gave the advice, get yourself in the Doctor's patients' list, as there will be a very long queue to get into the client list. Once I am in, then I can easily get an appointment should I have any issues or pregnant in future. I called up (that was in January, and the first appointment I could get for my first visit was in June!)

I thought to myself "Well, we are not going to have a baby any time now, might as well wait".

So finally, my appointment was just two weeks ago on the 11th of June.
I must say, I am very happy with her, and she ticks off all the requirements (lack of better word) for my Perfect Gynae.
Ian accompanied me to my first appointment as I also needws him to be comfortable with her, seeing that I am looking for a 'lifetime' gynae.

The appointment was late, we only went in at 3:30pm although the appointment was for 3pm. I was a bit nervous as I never had a gynae checkup before and most of the people said it will be a bit uncomfortable.
My first impression was the friendliness from the doctor right from the start, accompanied with a genuine smile :)
She took her time talking to us, chatting about family history, asking if I had any questions etc.
To be honest, at times I was thinking this at the back of my mind, 'Are you sure my appointment is that long?'.

Finally it was time for me to lie down and she did the checkup, she also took time to show me the monitor and pointed to me my ovaries, eggs, etc. Ian seemed to understand what he was seeing, but unfortunately it was just blur patches of black and white and made no real sense to me...

She also did a pap smear. I liked the way she explained to me what she would be doing before she started, so I knew exactly what to expect. Surprisingly, it was not painful nor uncomfortable at all.

Then I was sent to the pathology lab in the same building to get some blood checks for rubella antibodies (if not, will need a jab).

All in all, I am glad I waited to get in this gynae's patient list. I am sure I will be in good hands when we plan to have a baby.

And no, we are not trying for a baby yet!

Cost for Gynaecologist
Consultation  R650 *Pretty steep, but this is what they charge for your first consultation (Medical aid covers R 285.90)
Ultrasound Pelvic R450 (Medical aid covers R 442.80)

Cost for Pathologist
Rubella antibody test  R129.90 (Medical aid covers R129.90)
Pap smear R124.30 (Medical aid covers R124.30 )

P/s - Please, if you eventually end up with Dr. Marie Pienaar, please let me know what you think of her :-)

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