Sunday, April 28, 2013

Week 8 Day 1 - Feeling more pregnant by the day

I'm officially 8 weeks today.
That's a whole 2 months! Wow..

After my visit to the gynae, my symptoms seem to have returned.
Not sure if it's because the baby feels more real now that I saw it? Well, the indigestion and nausea are definitely not an imagination :-)

However, I feel happy and relieved whenever I feel shit. Just because I know baby is growing and still there.
Other than that, I have been having dreams about my cravings. Unreachable cravings. I crave for laksa and char koay teow a lot. Nothing I can do about it. Asking me to make it even makes me more depressed because it won't taste like how I crave it.

I did cook some fried bee hoon and hopefully that helps a bit. I still really really want laksa and char koay teow. Want to put some pictures of cravings I have but decided not to, as to not torture myself :)

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Week 7 Day 3 - Gynae Visit 1

Went to my gynae today for my first checkup since discovering I'm pregnant. I was so looking forward to this visit as I want to make sure everything's normal with baby.

Our appointment was at 12pm, and by 12:20pm she was ready for us. She always come out to
'fetch' us, instead of waiting on her seat for us to go in, which I think is really nice.

She started off by congratulating us, and asked us if it was difficult to get preggies, and we said it was actually so quick that we were shocked but very grateful! (It was our first month trying).
She went on to ask me how my symptoms are, and I said I was quite worried because I did not have much symptoms and I just want to know if baby is still fine.

She then proceeded to take my weight and ask me to get up on the bed.
She pulled up my top, and put some cold stuff on my tummy. Then she did an outer ultrascan.
She showed me where the baby is, as well as the yolk sac. Baby is so tiny that if she didn't point out to me it's that little blob there, I wouldn't even know! But then she lets us hear the heartbeat.
Boo-de-boop, Boo-de-boop, Boo-de-boop!
It was really real, and it felt so real now, that little white blob! The heartbeat was at 152.

However, my gynae says my baby is actually smaller than what I calculated, and it might be due to my longer menstrual cycle. My cycle is usually from 32-40 days instead of the usual 28.
She then changed my estimated delivery date from 3rd Dec(our marriage anniversary) to 8 Dec (my birthday)! Talk about coincidence :-)

So now, I'm officially in my Week 7 Day 3.

Consultation - R470 (Medical Aid covers 303.10 , Medical Savings : R166.90)
Ultrasound - R550 (Medical Aid covers 373.70, Medical Savings : R176.30)

p/s- Will scan the ultrascan as soon as I can with this post

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Week 7 Day 2 : Worrying changes

Too many changes this week.

1. Work
My company has been bought by a bigger company, we were told at 9:30am Monday morning and was asked to move to the new building at 12:30pm the same day.
It is a shock that management has discussed and decided on so much without any visibility to the staff. Although the decision seems positive as I still have my job, report to the same manager, and a bigger company means hopefully better process and better drive to sell our systems.

Nevertheless, it makes me realize once again, that life is so unpredictable and not to trust too many people and that I can never be myself in the corporate world.

2. Pregnancy symptoms
I think I have no more symptoms since last week except my breast is tender when I touch. Not unbearably tender, just normal ones that I get when I get my period.

It is worrying me a bit I have to say, that my pregnancy hormones hcg might be too low, hence the lack of symptoms. I know google says a lot of people feel the same, but most only feel a drop in hcg at the end of first trimester. I feel that mine dropped already in Week 6, which is only halfway through.

I am not too over-worried though, there are no blood and all that, I make sure I check everytime. Also I am feeling healthy and I think my baby is still healthy. I have done some urine tests again just to make sure, the line is still there although it is very light (as how it was when I first discovered I was pregnant), which indicates that my hcg is low. I also left a message to my gynae's receptionist to tell her that my symptoms are gone, and the gynae called me back and assure me that it should be fine if there is no bleeding.

Now I can't wait for my first appointment on the 23rd of April, just to confirm if everything's alright.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Week 6 Day 4 : Hunger and Gagging

Went to eat Thai food yesterday.
And no, I was a good girl, did not have my favourite Tom Yam.

We had a Lime Steamed Fish and Panang Chicken Curry. Both are mild, so mild here means it's not spicy at all.

Mild Panang Chicken Curry

Mild Lime Steamed Fish
(pictures not actual)

However, the fish has quite a fishy smell so I ended up eating the vegetables and the sauce with rice. I just like the taste of sauce. Haha...

Got home at 8-ish, went straight to bed. Not the healthiest thing to do, but I was so tired after the whole day at work. I get really sleepy from 12pm onwards at work, and that means another half day to go still! Very torturing!

Worse is, we have a popcorn machine at work. Everytime close to lunch time, they will make popcorns. They smell of popcorns fill up the entire office and I feel like gagging. Too sweet for my liking. You know when you go near the cinemas and you can just smell the popcorns? Imagine all that smell in a confined space..

Symptom-wise, not much symptoms except tender breasts and I'm hungry all the time. No nauseas feeling except that I feel like gagging whenever I smell Rainbow's food or if I see anything disgusting. Not sure if that's my normal self or pregnant self.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Week 6 Day 3 : Symptoms gone and new books

The last two days all my symptoms are gone except tender breasts  and tiredness.

Bloating, gone.
Indigestion, gone.
No nausea, no food aversions or cravings.
Can't wait till my first gynae appointment on the 23rd (12 more days!)  to know if everything is alright. 

However, I am feeling tight around the band of my bra that seems to bring back the indigestion feeling. I am able to be bra-less when I am at home, but obviously have to wear them to work. There are times when I feel it's choking me a bit and I have to unhook them at work. Will have to see what options I have this weekend.

Health-wise, I have been eating a lot more fruits, drinking more water, and in the office drinking rooibos tea + ginger + honey. Don't think I was ever this healthy my entire life.
Plus the fact that I have been sleeping early the past few days, around 8.30-9.00pm I'm already exhausted. The cold weather at 16 degrees Celcius also make me feel like crawling under the blanket. Even hubby is exhausted (He's pregnant with me!) and sleeps early with me.

I went for a little shopping spree yesterday afternoon.
Bought these 2 books at Exclusive Books.

I know the "What to Expect when you're expecting" is the more famous one, but I am actually enjoying "The Day-By-Day Pregnancy Book" so much more. Very comprehensive and give other details besides the usual day-by-day what is happening to your body.
I shall read it for the next few months and write a review of them then!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Week 6 Day 2 : Feeling great, I think?

Yesterday after work, me and hubby went for a little walk around neighbourhood. The indigestion disappeared immediately and i felt so much better!
Not sure if it's the walk itself that contributed or the bra that I took off.
It was just a slow walk (no sweating!) in 16 degress Celcius, a bit of uphills and downhills.

For the first time in many days, I enjoyed my dinner which consists of ABC soup and rice.

Ate two bowls :)

Sleeping was soo soo comfortable last night. I manage to only wake up once to pee and ate a mint to get rid of phlegm tickling my throat. I slept really really well without the indigestion.

I realised now it was the indigestion that was bothering me and not the bloat.

This morning I woke up feeling great.
And now a bit worried from geeling great, wondering if baby is alright?

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Week 6 Day 1 : Bloated

Feeling so bloated that it is becoming uncomfortable even to sleep. It's as if I have a very big tummy already when in fact the size of baby is still only like a blueberry at this stage.

I understand that my tummy won't be showing any bump until at least the 2nd trimester, I feel fat already. Flabby fat, not the glowing preggy woman fat.

It's the feeling of a very full tummy thats pushing to your chest and make you nauseas. And the indigestion feeling that makes it so uncomfortable to even sit in front of the computer at work. And that's the reason I vomitted early this morning, and later in the afternoon.
And as our office toilet is very close to the kitchen (now doesn't that sound gross!), I have to make sure I am not making much noise while I gagged in the toilet as the pregnancy is not yet announced.

Not easy.

P/S - Hubby whatsapp-ed me saying that he was feeling bloated an hour ago, and had to take his jeans button off! He's also pregnant :)

Monday, April 8, 2013

Week 5 Day 7 : The blood test confirmation

I called the gynae's office early Monday morning, to find out when she can let me know the baby is for real and I'm not imagining all this.

The receptionist asked for my first day of my last period, then after a moment's calculation, gave me the date 23rd or 28th April. You can guess which one I chose, no surprises.

It is really difficult to not have a real confirmation besides the pee sticks (which I had done 3). I am scared to get too excited. I am nervous if I place too much hope. I'm scared to ask questions just in case in the end it's actually not.
So me and hubby decided we will go to the lab and take a blood test to confirm the pregnancy.

Called Pathcare, they said no appointments needed, I can get results in 45 mins if I pay cash (ZAR 144.60)  We went there straight after work, long story short, we got our results!

Report comes in confidential folder

Full report from lab