Monday, April 8, 2013

Week 5 Day 7 : The blood test confirmation

I called the gynae's office early Monday morning, to find out when she can let me know the baby is for real and I'm not imagining all this.

The receptionist asked for my first day of my last period, then after a moment's calculation, gave me the date 23rd or 28th April. You can guess which one I chose, no surprises.

It is really difficult to not have a real confirmation besides the pee sticks (which I had done 3). I am scared to get too excited. I am nervous if I place too much hope. I'm scared to ask questions just in case in the end it's actually not.
So me and hubby decided we will go to the lab and take a blood test to confirm the pregnancy.

Called Pathcare, they said no appointments needed, I can get results in 45 mins if I pay cash (ZAR 144.60)  We went there straight after work, long story short, we got our results!

Report comes in confidential folder

Full report from lab

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