Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Week 6 Day 1 : Bloated

Feeling so bloated that it is becoming uncomfortable even to sleep. It's as if I have a very big tummy already when in fact the size of baby is still only like a blueberry at this stage.

I understand that my tummy won't be showing any bump until at least the 2nd trimester, I feel fat already. Flabby fat, not the glowing preggy woman fat.

It's the feeling of a very full tummy thats pushing to your chest and make you nauseas. And the indigestion feeling that makes it so uncomfortable to even sit in front of the computer at work. And that's the reason I vomitted early this morning, and later in the afternoon.
And as our office toilet is very close to the kitchen (now doesn't that sound gross!), I have to make sure I am not making much noise while I gagged in the toilet as the pregnancy is not yet announced.

Not easy.

P/S - Hubby whatsapp-ed me saying that he was feeling bloated an hour ago, and had to take his jeans button off! He's also pregnant :)

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