Friday, April 12, 2013

Week 6 Day 4 : Hunger and Gagging

Went to eat Thai food yesterday.
And no, I was a good girl, did not have my favourite Tom Yam.

We had a Lime Steamed Fish and Panang Chicken Curry. Both are mild, so mild here means it's not spicy at all.

Mild Panang Chicken Curry

Mild Lime Steamed Fish
(pictures not actual)

However, the fish has quite a fishy smell so I ended up eating the vegetables and the sauce with rice. I just like the taste of sauce. Haha...

Got home at 8-ish, went straight to bed. Not the healthiest thing to do, but I was so tired after the whole day at work. I get really sleepy from 12pm onwards at work, and that means another half day to go still! Very torturing!

Worse is, we have a popcorn machine at work. Everytime close to lunch time, they will make popcorns. They smell of popcorns fill up the entire office and I feel like gagging. Too sweet for my liking. You know when you go near the cinemas and you can just smell the popcorns? Imagine all that smell in a confined space..

Symptom-wise, not much symptoms except tender breasts and I'm hungry all the time. No nauseas feeling except that I feel like gagging whenever I smell Rainbow's food or if I see anything disgusting. Not sure if that's my normal self or pregnant self.

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