Thursday, April 18, 2013

Week 7 Day 2 : Worrying changes

Too many changes this week.

1. Work
My company has been bought by a bigger company, we were told at 9:30am Monday morning and was asked to move to the new building at 12:30pm the same day.
It is a shock that management has discussed and decided on so much without any visibility to the staff. Although the decision seems positive as I still have my job, report to the same manager, and a bigger company means hopefully better process and better drive to sell our systems.

Nevertheless, it makes me realize once again, that life is so unpredictable and not to trust too many people and that I can never be myself in the corporate world.

2. Pregnancy symptoms
I think I have no more symptoms since last week except my breast is tender when I touch. Not unbearably tender, just normal ones that I get when I get my period.

It is worrying me a bit I have to say, that my pregnancy hormones hcg might be too low, hence the lack of symptoms. I know google says a lot of people feel the same, but most only feel a drop in hcg at the end of first trimester. I feel that mine dropped already in Week 6, which is only halfway through.

I am not too over-worried though, there are no blood and all that, I make sure I check everytime. Also I am feeling healthy and I think my baby is still healthy. I have done some urine tests again just to make sure, the line is still there although it is very light (as how it was when I first discovered I was pregnant), which indicates that my hcg is low. I also left a message to my gynae's receptionist to tell her that my symptoms are gone, and the gynae called me back and assure me that it should be fine if there is no bleeding.

Now I can't wait for my first appointment on the 23rd of April, just to confirm if everything's alright.

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