Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Week 7 Day 3 - Gynae Visit 1

Went to my gynae today for my first checkup since discovering I'm pregnant. I was so looking forward to this visit as I want to make sure everything's normal with baby.

Our appointment was at 12pm, and by 12:20pm she was ready for us. She always come out to
'fetch' us, instead of waiting on her seat for us to go in, which I think is really nice.

She started off by congratulating us, and asked us if it was difficult to get preggies, and we said it was actually so quick that we were shocked but very grateful! (It was our first month trying).
She went on to ask me how my symptoms are, and I said I was quite worried because I did not have much symptoms and I just want to know if baby is still fine.

She then proceeded to take my weight and ask me to get up on the bed.
She pulled up my top, and put some cold stuff on my tummy. Then she did an outer ultrascan.
She showed me where the baby is, as well as the yolk sac. Baby is so tiny that if she didn't point out to me it's that little blob there, I wouldn't even know! But then she lets us hear the heartbeat.
Boo-de-boop, Boo-de-boop, Boo-de-boop!
It was really real, and it felt so real now, that little white blob! The heartbeat was at 152.

However, my gynae says my baby is actually smaller than what I calculated, and it might be due to my longer menstrual cycle. My cycle is usually from 32-40 days instead of the usual 28.
She then changed my estimated delivery date from 3rd Dec(our marriage anniversary) to 8 Dec (my birthday)! Talk about coincidence :-)

So now, I'm officially in my Week 7 Day 3.

Consultation - R470 (Medical Aid covers 303.10 , Medical Savings : R166.90)
Ultrasound - R550 (Medical Aid covers 373.70, Medical Savings : R176.30)

p/s- Will scan the ultrascan as soon as I can with this post

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