Sunday, April 28, 2013

Week 8 Day 1 - Feeling more pregnant by the day

I'm officially 8 weeks today.
That's a whole 2 months! Wow..

After my visit to the gynae, my symptoms seem to have returned.
Not sure if it's because the baby feels more real now that I saw it? Well, the indigestion and nausea are definitely not an imagination :-)

However, I feel happy and relieved whenever I feel shit. Just because I know baby is growing and still there.
Other than that, I have been having dreams about my cravings. Unreachable cravings. I crave for laksa and char koay teow a lot. Nothing I can do about it. Asking me to make it even makes me more depressed because it won't taste like how I crave it.

I did cook some fried bee hoon and hopefully that helps a bit. I still really really want laksa and char koay teow. Want to put some pictures of cravings I have but decided not to, as to not torture myself :)

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