Monday, May 20, 2013

Week 11 Day 2 - Weird and scary dream

It has been long since my last post.
Nothing significant, except that there are days when I feel so pregnant (when my stomach is bloated) and the next morning it's just a tiny bump lump.
I get tired very easily, and a morning out on a nice day during the weekend is enough to make me feel I have to sleep for the rest of the day.

Yesterday morning me and hubby woke up to a beautiful sunny warm day.
I made omelette and we just relaxed and did nothing, the way I like it.
In the afternoon I decided to take a nap, I had a dream of me forgetting Guan Yin (Goddess of Mercy).
I do not remember what is it about, why and how did I dream about it, the content of the dream, but I just remembered that message when I woke up.
I usually remember my dreams, so it's weird there is no story to this dream except a message. It was a 2 hour nap, so I just thought about it for a minute and forgot all about it.

Last night when I slept, I had another dream.
This one is a long one, with content.
It started off with me preparing clothes to go to school, my cousin (Yi Ling) was also in that dream.
Then the story jumped to me and another person (I think it's Shu-Min, I'm not sure now), accompanied by an old man taking us somewhere. We were walking along small roads, and I even mentioned that I can't hike up that road anymore because I'm pregnant, I must just take it slow.

We came to a fenced path and there is a message that says beware of thieves and rapists, and we looked at it.
The scene that jumped again to an eerie room.
The story is so scary from now on that I don't even know if I should put it here or how to put it in words.

There was a family with a little boy, and the little boy is vomitting in a bowl, and guess what the bowl is feeding. Lots of baby ghosts (not sure what is the term for it?)/
This is really really scary because I never have knowledge of these baby ghosts thing, it's the last thing in my mind, it was really really scary to me.
Me and my company then reached the door, and the family opened the door, looking like they are possessed.

I think that's when I woke up.
I woke up feeling really uneasy, I checked that it was 2am +. Very early. My dreams area usually at 4-ish am.
The first comforting I have in mind then is Guan Yin and Ema.
I really cannot understand why, nor was I thinking of the afternoon dream I had.
My next thought is then, how did I ever manage to dream such a devillish dream? It's so..dark, it scares me. For the first time, I felt uneasy in the house and I felt like I have to protect my baby.

I had the choice then to just close my eyes and brush it off as just a dream, or do something.
I then got up, got to my wallet, and took out the Guan Yin laminated photo I had as well as a Tua Pek Kong photo that was with it.
It sounds funny now but then I took the Tua Pek Kong's picture and put it at the bedside stand beside me, and then put the Guan Yin photo on my tummy. secured with my pant's elastic band. Hahaha...

I never knew I'm that superstitious, but really at that time I felt that I'd rather be safe than sorry?
My mind then was still filled with images of the devilish thing. I then try to focus my image on Guan Yin and Ema and then close my eyes, hoping to sleep.

Next thing I woke up was when Ian kissed me goodbye to go to work. I felt my tummy and the photo is still there.

I know that pregnant women dreams scary things, but really, this is out of the world scary. Scary because it's dark and devillish. I hope to never encounter this type of dream again.

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