Monday, June 10, 2013

Week 14 Day 1 - Morning World, we are expecting!

Announced in Facebook, we are ready to face the world!

Monday, June 3, 2013

Week 13 Day 1 - Nuchal Translucency Scan

I was looking forward to this big scan, really.
Maybe because I am bursting with excitement on sharing the news to the whole world that I'm pregnant.
I know I should be feeling nervous, but surprisingly I wasn't. I have this feeling that everything was gonna be OK.

Our appointment was scheduled at 9am with Dr. Linnie Muller.
I was asked to fill up a form, and then requested to empty my bladder for the scan to work better.
Weird, because all the researches I did of NTS, they requested for a full or almost full bladder. (made a point of asking my gynae at my next appointment).
I was then later informed that Dr. Linnie Muller only comes in at 2pm and only attends to high risk pregnancy, and I didn't specifically requested for Dr. Muller to attend to me.
I must admit, I was quite disappointed with that because first of all, I didn't know there are more than 1 doctor when I made an appointment because I called Dr.Muller's office and not Dr.XXX's office. Secondly, I heard Dr.Muller is one of the best in the country
Anyway it was too late then, as my name was called into the Doctor's office shortly.

The doctor (sonographer?) was very friendly, and explained very nicely what is NTS all about. Not a diagnosis,  but a probability of risks for Down Syndrome.
I was then asked to lie down on the bed while some cold jelly was applied to my tummy again.
They have a TV in front of the me so that I can view what was shown on the doctor's screen.

The results came in at a healthy 1:15,000 risk probability, so we are very very happy about it.
These are the other measurements done.

Cost of scan, paid by medical aid.