Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Oh-lief Natural Olive Tummy Wax Review

Oh-lief Natural Olive Tummy Wax review

Naturally moisturizes and soothes a growing tummy.
Promotes skin elasticity. Ideal for preventing stretch marks, dry and itchy skin. Safe while pregnant and breastfeeding.

Cold pressed extra virgin Olive oil, Baobab Oil*, Virgin Coconut Oil*, Beeswax
*with CERTIFIED organic Ingredients

The texture is firm but creamy, thus eliminating any dripping during application. Happens when I was using Bio-Oil previously.
Upon application, it quickly dissolves and absorbs into skin as seen below.

Straight from tub

After application

Skin feels moisturized and loved. It is waxy, but not sticky at all when I have my clothes on immediately after application.
Until now, there is no indication of stretch marks nor dry and itchy skin.
Apparently genes play a big part of it, but so far I have not experienced any dry or itchy skin either, so it's all good!

It has a subtle smell of coconut. I can't smell it after applying the wax, just on my fingers that I used to apply.

I use about R2 coin for each application, and sometimes use a bit more just to make sure I cover every inch of my growing belly.

Value for Money
It comes in a 125g tub with the price of ZAR90.
I find the price reasonable as the tub is fully filled and cream is very compact!
What's amazing is that customers can bring empty Oh-lief containers to their blending houst at Salt Circle, Woodstock to have them refilled at a R10 discount. Talk about love for nature :)

I love that all their products are made from 100% natural and certified organic ingredients.
For me, I believe that products produced out of passion and love never fails as they always promise good quality.
I do need quite a large amount of wax to cover my whole tummy, and sometimes leave an oily wax on my clothes if I do not leave it long enough to dry
However, I still recommend you pregnant mummies to try this tummy wax that is free from all nasties, especially if you are using Bio-Oil currently.
This is my first Oh-lief product, but I am keen to try other products from them.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Cost of giving birth in Cape Town, South Africa

I know I had a hard time finding out the estimate costs of giving birth in Cape Town, before we plan to have a baby. So I thought it would be good to share the info, now that I am pregnant and has access to all the costs.

Please note that this was what I experienced and quoted by my gynae, and might not be the same for all gynaecologists.
She is a private gynaecologist / obstetrician, who delivers babies in Panorama Medi-Clinic, and not contracted with my medical aid. Therefore we need to pay cash, then later claim from our medical aid.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Week 18 Day 7 - Baby's First Live Rugby Game, Stomers vs Blue Bulls

Hubby has got free tickets to a box in Newlands Stadium to watch rugby game between Stormers and Blue Bulls.
Rugby is a new game for me since moving to South Africa. Don't think I ever watched a game of rugby before then, I only watch football. The only thing similar about the two sports are men on field with one ball.

I love watching rugby, especially so if it's in the box with free snacks, dinner,drinks and easy access to toilets. Don't think at this stage of pregnancy I would enjoy being down in the stands where it's cold and might be raining with long queues to the toilet.
Box opens at 6pm, so our initial plan was to leave at 4pm to miss the traffic. Unfortunately my decision to watch '50 First Dates' for the 10th time led us to only leaving the house just around 5pm.

We got there just in time at 6pm. As always, there was a nice atmosphere at Newlands Rugby Stadium. People chanting their team, waving banners and flags.

Stomers banner

Before the game

During the game

After the game

Hubby enjoying his free beer, while I sip on juices :)

We kind of expected Stormers to lose, playing against such a strong team Blue Bulls. Baby must be the lucky charm, Stormers won 30-13 against the Bulls.
Very happy because we won , and  for baby because this was his first rugby game he was able to 'listen live!

Friday, July 12, 2013

Natural Image Hair Salon

Three weeks ago, I decided to visit my hair salon.
I always return to the same place, as I am very comfortable with the lady, Johnell, and I love her style.
I believe thata hair stylist herself must be presentable, and have hair that I would like to have.

My regular hair salon is Natural Image Hair Salon in Cape Town.

Address : 142 Buitenkant Street, Gardens, Cape Town
Tel: 021 461 3610
Email: mail@naturalimage.co.za
Hours 8 AM – 6 PM (Monday – Friday) , 8 AM – 3 PM (Saturday)

One of the reasons why I love to come here, is that it feels homely. It's not commercialized like other franchised big salons. Also, Johnell will attend to me from washing, colouring, cutting to drying my hair.
In most cases of bigger salons, one usually will only get attention for the "cutting session" when it will be done by a professional, while the rest will be done by an extra,  washing lady  intern?

Luckily for me (unfortunately for hair salon),  I have very low maintenance hair. Straight, long hair, needs a cut every 6 months or so. I didn't get the first appointment that morning, my appointment was only at 9:30am. I went to fill in the colour on my hair roots as well as a trim. 
However, I felt like a change that day (pregnancy symptom?) but I didn't want anything drastic and not prepared to go short, so I got myself a little bit of fringe.

My self-taken photo when I got home.Very dark brown hair, little strip of blonde peeking from underneath, and some fringe!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Week 18 Day 4 - Instant Assam Fish

Felt like fish for dinner today,  so I went to Woolworths to get us a large piece of hake.
My dinner preparation is usually quick,  so I opt to use one of my precious Mak Nyonya prepacked sauce.
Simple dish,  served with jasmine rice. 

Monday, July 8, 2013

Week 18 Day 2 - Halfway through, birthdays weekend!

I can't believe how fast time flew. I am now officially 4 1/2 months pregnant, which meant I am halfway through my pregnancy. Saw a lot of friends this weekend who hasn't seen me since our baby announcement, so everyone is mentioning how quick my tummy is growing!

We had a really busy weekend. Started of with neighbours who popped in on Friday evening. Hubby then opened a bottle of whiskey while I enjoyed my glass of water. We chatted and quickly we noticed that the bottle of whiskey was done! Neighbour told us they had a fire burning still at their braai area and we must go and have braai dinner with them. We then walked to their house and while Ian and neighbour enjoyed more whiskey, me and his wife chatted and chilled.

We girls eventually had to monitor the braai as they were too busy discussing about model cars, music and drums. It ended up with us leaving their house after midnight!

Next morning I had to wake up early to go to my oral hygienist. As it is known that dental health is important during pregnancy, I try to make an appointment to have my teeth cleaned every 3-4 months as my gums are usually not that healthy.

Hubby wasn't feeling too nice still after a heavy night so I joined him for a nap in the afternoon. Then we got up to a friend's Pirate costume party. It is his 40th, and his girlfriend had arranged this surprise party. I must say,  a lot of hardwork to prepare this party and the result was awesome!

Cake table. The treasure chest in the middle was actually a cake done by a friend.

Sharkbait, Hoo ha ha!

Me with my costume hat

Hubby with his. He forgot to wear his eyepatch for the pic.

Both of us
We were only there for about 2 hours +, and then we left the party to be at another friend's birthday. We then spend time chatting and me drinking Rooibos tea the whole night. We eventually left at after midnight again.

Next morning I had to get up early to prepare food to go to in-laws. They always come over with food so I told them I will make the food this time. I then prepared spaghetti with herbs, mushrooms and shredded chicken. We also had a platter of fruits that I mixed with strawberry yoghurt. Easy and tasty. While I made the food, Ian went for a cycle in the hiking trail closeby our house. I sent him for last minute grocery run to buy the yoghurt and spaghetti :)

spaghetti with herbs, mushrooms and shredded chicken
We left the house close to noon, and spent the entire afternoon at his parents while watching the Wimbledon finals between Murray and Djokovic.
Just before end of the match, we had to leave now to another friend's birthday, Adrian. He is not having a party but we just wanted to spend time with him. We They went for wine tasting at a nearby estate in Stellenbosch. We joined them at their last hop at Peter Falke wine estate, and while they were doing a tasting, I again just rest and ate the free nuts provided. We were there for less than an hour, then went to Adrian's new house to sit and chat. We then left at around 9:30pm.

By the time we got home, I was exhausted. From this whole weekend of birthdays. Luckily I am now in my second trimester because I definitely won't be able to do this in my first! I got tired very easily then.
However, I told Ian next week we are going to do nothing! Looking forward to next weekend and oh no, it's only Monday today .....

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Week 17 Day 5 - Preggy tummy

Today was the first time a stranger noticed my pregnant tummy and asked how far am I. This is an indication that I now look more pregnant than just having eaten too much. I love my pregnant tummy and I'm very glad knowing the baby is growing.

Below photo of my tummy at 8, 12 and 16 weeks. My tummy has since grown quite a bit!

8, 12 and 16 weeks pregnant

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Week 17 Day 3 - Gynae Visit 3

I was counting down to this gynae visit since after the nuchal translucency scan. We took the afternoon appointment this time at 4:15pm, so hubby won't miss too much of work. We got there just in time and doctor asked for a urine sample when we walked through the door.
Easy task as I actually did feel like I need to pee, and luckily the pee is a healthy colour. How embarrassing if it should be a dark yellow. Haha..

We then waited a bit at the sitting area, and when it was our turn we were greeted with a usual happy and smiling doctor :)  We then went straight to the ultrascan room.

Doctor confirmed it's a boy, we can see his penis and testicles. Then doctor measured him at 13cm, saying he is a tall baby. She also did the usual check of brain division, counted the toes and fingers, confirming the legs and arms, nasal bone. We even managed to get baby giving us a smile! Well doctor said a smile, but it's a facial expression similar to a smile and not really happy smiling :) She said it's all good as she sees no indication of cleft palate whatsoever.

Baby was kicking all over and twisting and turning. However I still feel nothing and doctor explained that it is because my placenta is in front of the baby (between baby and surface of tummy),which is also known as anterior placenta, so the placenta is cushioning the kicks.I am looking forward to those kicks after looking at the scan, baby is so so active!

Foot of baby!

Baby growing

Arrow points to his manhood :) between the two legs

My next appointment will be with the Fetal Assessment Centre again, for his 21 weeks scan.