Friday, July 12, 2013

Natural Image Hair Salon

Three weeks ago, I decided to visit my hair salon.
I always return to the same place, as I am very comfortable with the lady, Johnell, and I love her style.
I believe thata hair stylist herself must be presentable, and have hair that I would like to have.

My regular hair salon is Natural Image Hair Salon in Cape Town.

Address : 142 Buitenkant Street, Gardens, Cape Town
Tel: 021 461 3610
Hours 8 AM – 6 PM (Monday – Friday) , 8 AM – 3 PM (Saturday)

One of the reasons why I love to come here, is that it feels homely. It's not commercialized like other franchised big salons. Also, Johnell will attend to me from washing, colouring, cutting to drying my hair.
In most cases of bigger salons, one usually will only get attention for the "cutting session" when it will be done by a professional, while the rest will be done by an extra,  washing lady  intern?

Luckily for me (unfortunately for hair salon),  I have very low maintenance hair. Straight, long hair, needs a cut every 6 months or so. I didn't get the first appointment that morning, my appointment was only at 9:30am. I went to fill in the colour on my hair roots as well as a trim. 
However, I felt like a change that day (pregnancy symptom?) but I didn't want anything drastic and not prepared to go short, so I got myself a little bit of fringe.

My self-taken photo when I got home.Very dark brown hair, little strip of blonde peeking from underneath, and some fringe!

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