Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Week 17 Day 3 - Gynae Visit 3

I was counting down to this gynae visit since after the nuchal translucency scan. We took the afternoon appointment this time at 4:15pm, so hubby won't miss too much of work. We got there just in time and doctor asked for a urine sample when we walked through the door.
Easy task as I actually did feel like I need to pee, and luckily the pee is a healthy colour. How embarrassing if it should be a dark yellow. Haha..

We then waited a bit at the sitting area, and when it was our turn we were greeted with a usual happy and smiling doctor :)  We then went straight to the ultrascan room.

Doctor confirmed it's a boy, we can see his penis and testicles. Then doctor measured him at 13cm, saying he is a tall baby. She also did the usual check of brain division, counted the toes and fingers, confirming the legs and arms, nasal bone. We even managed to get baby giving us a smile! Well doctor said a smile, but it's a facial expression similar to a smile and not really happy smiling :) She said it's all good as she sees no indication of cleft palate whatsoever.

Baby was kicking all over and twisting and turning. However I still feel nothing and doctor explained that it is because my placenta is in front of the baby (between baby and surface of tummy),which is also known as anterior placenta, so the placenta is cushioning the kicks.I am looking forward to those kicks after looking at the scan, baby is so so active!

Foot of baby!

Baby growing

Arrow points to his manhood :) between the two legs

My next appointment will be with the Fetal Assessment Centre again, for his 21 weeks scan.

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