Monday, August 19, 2013

Some sun after a stormy week - Dim Sum, Signal Hill, Milnerton Beach

It was freezing the whole week in Cape Town.
Times like this, I felt really fortunate to have a roof over our heads, warmth from the fire, and to be able to afford that cup of hot chocolate while watching Grey's Anatomy all over again from Season 1.
I never used to be this "all-goody-goody", but I guess all these comes with growing older and learning to appreciate what we have in life.

So, where are we?  Back to Grey's Anatomy.
It wasn't hubby's choice but I guess the pregnant lady always wins! :-)

The dogs keeping themselves warm in front of fire

At last on Sunday, we finally had some sun. We met up with our lovely friends, Hadley and Margeaux , together with some of their friends for a Dim Sum Breakfast / Lunch at Xiang Yuan, Sea Point. It was not the best Dim Sum i have tasted, but at least the best one could find in Cape Town. Freshly made, but not from frozen packets, and their prices are quite good. A plate of dim sum for around ZAR25. It was great having a lot of people going, meaning we can order a lot of different types of dishes to share.

Sorry, completely forgot to take any photos of the dishes. Was too busy eating! I sure ate a lot that day, baby must be struggling for space with all the food.
After that we decided to have a quick drive up Signal Hill. The last time we were up there was when Ian proposed three years ago!

We had an ice cream cone each, snapped one or two photos then we separated ways as the friends had to pick up their kids from their grandparents, while we had decided to take the dogs to the beach.

We went home, Ian put the dog-sheet over his back seat to protect it, changed into warmer clothing, and off we went!
I was really glad we could make it to the beach, can't remember when was the last time we came with the dogs. I wanted to go since Rainbow's birthday on the 18th July, but the weather wasn't too kind or there was something we had to do. Rainbow's eyes has really gotten so much worse, but I will write post on that the next time.

Hubby with Shaneel

Hubby, Shaneel and Rainbow

Me, Baby, and Rainbow


As you can see from the third picture, my baby is also growing well. We did take a photo every 4 weeks, will share the growing tummy pictures soon!

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