Thursday, August 1, 2013

Week 21 Day 5 - Daddy felt Baby's First Kick

I was lying in bed, watching Youtube videos from my phone when I felt movements of little baby. Until then, I did not have any definite kicks yet, just 'little fishies' swimming inside, or what they call quickening.

So yesterday I thought I felt a kick, I quickly told Ian about it - he was busy repairing his bicycle for his race on Saturday. Dirty hands and all, he pressed his hand against my tummy and..patience prevailed!!

Baby gave daddy a definite kick! We both felt it and looked at each other in surprise :-) Magical moment, very glad the daddy got to share the joy of kicks with me.

I am glad that by having a frontal or anterior placenta and all, both me and Ian will still be experiencing kicks.

Foot of baby giving daddy a big kick!

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