Monday, October 7, 2013

Week 31 - Maternity Shoot with Veronique Photography

Our maternity shoot was postponed from last weekend due to bad weather, but yesterday proved to be the perfect weather to have one done.

I was at Veronique's house at 2pm just 5 minutes away from home, to have my makeup done by Leverne.
Leverne was friendly, thoughtful and all the time assured me that the makeup may seem a bit darker than what I would be used to, but Veronique's camera would filter most of them out.
We decided to leave my hair as is, so that it is natural and not too over the top.

Ian decided to only come an hour later to meet up before we drive to the venue. Makeup done and while waiting for Ian, we even managed to take a few photos in Veronique's studio.

Once Ian got there, both of us got into my car and then followed Veronique's car to the venue recommended by her, at Langkloof Roses, Wellington. It is such a beautiful venue. It made me feel like having a wedding all over again.

Photo by Veronique Photography

The inside venue itself was closed as it was Sunday, but Veronique had an arrangement to use the farm and surrounding areas which was what we wanted. The mood and colours and vintage-y feel were perfect.  Veronique even managed to arrange a horse to have some pics taken with! She was really professional yet friendly. She loves what she is doing, and I think the passion and dedication in her was obvious. She even took note of the Pinterest board I sent to her and took that into consideration while we took photos.

It was the perfect day for the shoot. I managed to wear a knee-length dress for the first time in many months, without getting goosebumps or chills on my arms.

These are some of the photos she released in her Facebook this morning as a sneak peek. Yes, barely 24 hours later.  I love it. I do look very heavily pregnant in that white dress (which by the way was not a maternity dress but a dress bought in YDE with my own belt) but I love every little bit of the end result. I hope you love it as much as I do.

Without you Leverne, I would feel so much less confident with my far-from-perfect skin. Thank you for bringing out my best features and make me feel beautiful.
And without you Veronique, I would not be able to capture this wonderful memory of my first pregnancy, filled with love as we await our baby boy. Thank you for having the patience and your wonderful skills to create this beautiful pictures.
Not to forget my hubby who was carrying chairs and blankets and flicking my hair out of my face.

You guys helped a growing elephant feels so beautiful :-)

Photographer : Veronique Mills @ Veronique Photography
Makeup  : Leverne @  Leverne Professional Hair & Makeup Artist

Can't wait for our Newborn shoot with baby !


  1. Shuwie, thank you so much for the kind words, I really appreciate it. Thank you also for making my life so easy, you are so beautiful and it was a pleasure to photograph you!

  2. Can't wait for the newborn pics!