Thursday, October 17, 2013

Pregnancy Brain, I shall not bow to you!

So I wrote a post on Pregnancy Brain - Myth or Reality about a week ago.
Believe it or not, I had another encounter that is nudging me towards facing the reality :(

Every 6 weeks or so, I would bring Rainbow to the groomers. I do the regular washing myself from time to time, but as she is a Shih Tzu breed, her hair is similar to our human hair, it grows and grows. I  keep her hair short, as I find it neater and she is more comfortable and easier to maintain with it. Also, the groomers take care of her nails and ears.

So the plan today was to drop her off on my way to work, and pick her up during my lunchtime. Got into my usual routine, packed my laptop and bag into the car. I usually put Rainbow on the passenger seat next to me, but today I decided to rather leave her at the back car seat as it is not so convenient anymore to fetch carry her from the other side of the car to my side, due to my bump.

Off to work I went, and yes, you guessed right. I was about 90% of my journey to work when I realised that I forgot to drop her off! Normally, this would not be that big an issue as it would probably take me another 20 mins to turn back and drive to work again. But today of all days, the traffic lights by Sable Road decided to play along. There was a long queue at the traffic lights as the "turn right" light does not appear in its sequence, so all the cars in my lane could not find the gap to make the turn and took me more than 20 mins just for that 10 metres to U-Turn back on to the highway.

It is really frustrating and made me feel so much less competent when I forget something as I am usually organised. To the point that I truly enjoy checking my phone calendar and look at my to-do list. Seriously, I am that crazy, not that anyone needs any convincing in that. Have a look at my September calendar / to do list / reminders.

Screenshot from my phone

 At last, all's well ends well. Rainbow got her grooming done and I got to work safely.

Rainbow after grooming

Pregnancy Brain, I shall not bow to you!

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