Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Pregnancy Brain - Myth or Reality?

So after a short weekend (it's always too short), it was back to business as usual. I usually only got my bum out of bed after hubby kissed me goodbye when he goes off to work. Got Rainbow's food, let her out to pee, medication on her eyes. Quick shower, changed to any remaining clothes I could fit, set the house alarm, and off to work!

It was surprisingly not too hectic traffic for a Monday. It wasn't a breeze but it wasn't crawling traffic either. I for one, am a calm driver. I don't unnecessary change lanes or get angry at slow cars. I do change lanes when there is someone really slow in front of me or a big truck ahead. But I don't squeeze my way through just to get to work 2 minutes earlier and risk getting a heart attack while doing that. Humming my favourite tune,  I got to work at my usual time around 8:20-8:30am and found a nice parking spot. Then it suddenly hit me! I realize that I forgot to bring my work laptop with this morning!! Whaat...... Yes, it really happened :-(

Now, everyone has been mentioning the word "Preggy brain", "Chicken brain", "Porridge brain" since I announced that I am pregnant. To tell you the truth, it got to me at one point that I barred my hubby from calling me that. It made me feel as if I am less competent and just because I am pregnant I am now all dumb and forgetful.

 So, is pregnancy brain real?

 According to one article, Jane Martin, MD, director of the Neuropsychological Testing and Evaluation Center at New York's Mount Sinai Medical Center: "When you are not getting enough sleep and are multitasking, nobody's memory is good," she says. "You are not cognitively sharp when you haven't slept well." Hormonal changes, lack of sleep, and/or the distractions of spending a lot of time thinking (and stressing) about a new baby are the likely causes. Pregnancy also shuffles what gets your attention.
Your IQ doesn't change, but your priorities do.

I drove all the way home, found my laptop amongst the pile of clothes next to my bed which was waiting for me to chuck in the laundry bin.

Spot the laptop
There you are!

So was it pregnancy brain, or was it just Monday morning blues? What do you think?

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