Thursday, October 3, 2013

Week 30 Day 5 - Final Quarter

Final quarter of my pregnancy.
I must say, everything is pretty good so far.
No swollen feet, no nausea, no cravings, no constipation, no fatigue. At least, until now.

I do have pains but only when I sit too long at a time. Usually happens when I am sitting in front of computer at work :-(   I will have this pain on my mid back ribs on both sides, more on my left. Not backache, but right where the ribs are on the sides. Weird.
And i feel no pain if I am up standing and walking around whole day which usually happens on weekends when we clean or work around the house.

I am growing so much. My last visit to the gynae, I already gained 13kg!
However, I am not really eating any junk food so I'm not really worried.
I drank more water though, I think probably 5x more than before I got pregnant. Seriously!

So this is a picture update of my tummy when I was 25 weeks and 30 weeks.

Compare the big tummy to my previous photos of my bump here and here!

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